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In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the character Pinkie Pie loves to throw parties. If you know someone, or are someone who is a 'Brony' or 'Pegasister', (fans of My Little Pony) and you want to throw a pony themed party for them (or with them), then this is where you want to be.


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    Get supplies to begin with. You'll need streamers, balloons, pony decorations, banners (optional), party hats (preferably with the ponies cutie marks on them), party favours, and pony music (or any music, but music from the show really gets you into the spirit of things) to get started. If you can think of anything else, it just makes the party all the more interesting!
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    Get some food. No guest wants to be hungry, so put out a selection of goodies for them. You can bake delicious treats like cupcakes, cake, cookies, and have drinks like apple juice, apple cider, chocolate milk, fruit punch, and much more! You can find awesome recipes for these at the bottom, underneath the 'Tips' category. After choosing your recipes, you'll need to go to the store and get all the ingredients (if you don't already have them, of course).
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    Have party games. Some of these games are easy to make at home, if you're an arts and crafts person, or you want to save money. Fun party games or MLP games are 'Pin the Tail on the Pony', 'Bobbing for Apples', 'Bingo','Charades', or board games like 'Checkers', 'Connect Four', 'Headbanz', 'Life', 'Trouble' 'Balderdash', etc. Make sure everyone wants to play the game.
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    Do party pranks. They are a great way to lighten the mood of the party, as long as no one gets physically, or emotionally hurt. For example, don't give an exploding snakes/confetti present to someone who scares easily. But here are some classic party pranks from My Little Pony: Pepper and/or hot sauce hidden in one of the treats like in the show, there was pepper in the vanilla lemon drops, and then on the drink cups, use dribble cups, relighting birthday candles, and the exploding snakes/confetti present. If you have any other party pranks up your sleeve, feel free to use them, just remember, not everyone likes pranks.

Planning the Party

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    Invite all of your guests ahead of time, with invitations, or like in a certain episode, a song.
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    Get decorations. Take out that decor, and make it, well, fabulous!
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    Make the food. Get down to work, maybe grab a friend, and get baking! Set out the baked goods and snacks on a table, and don't forget the drinks. Try laying out an MLP tablecloth. But if you're tight on money or can't find one, it isn't required.
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    Give each guest a party hat and a few party favours, so sort them so each guest gets their share.
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    Set up the party pranks and put out a selection of games, or get them ready, if needed.
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    Get another type of treat for your guests. A fun way is to make the other snacks My Little Pony themed. Like to represent Spike, have rock candy, because he eats gems. For Applejack, get some candied or caramel apples. And maybe for Rainbow Dash, you could put out a bowl of Skittles. Those are just a few examples. You should put out some real food like cheese and crackers, fruit and nuts, in case your guests get really hungry.
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    Get the music ready or playing, and wait till the time of the party or invite friends over.


  • You should invite at least four friends to have a super fun party, unless you like having really, really, small parties!
  • It makes a better party if every pony is a fan of My Little Pony. It also makes sure no one feels left out.
  • This is meant to be a party like when Pinkie Pie throws parties, so if you can add anything to make it more like sugarcube corner, that would be great.


  • Not everyone likes party pranks. Or any pranks for that matter. So, discreetly find out before the party. If they like pranks, but not a certain kind, be sure to avoid that type.
  • Make sure everyone wants to play a game that you're deciding on. If not, someone could be sad, or feeling left out.
  • Double-check the recipes, and then triple-check them to make sure you didn't miss anything when you double-checked the recipes to make sure no one is allergic to anything on your list. Also check with your guests to see what they are allergic to, to avoid any problems.

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