How to Throw a Night Prowler Party

Does a title like that make you wanna read on? 'Course it does! This is a bad party for teenagers. It's daring and potentially dangerous, so no scaredy-cats. Read on to figure out the plan for fun.


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    Think about the friend's house you'll be sleeping over at. Bring only friends who can keep a good secret. Make sure that they're quiet and good at sneaking out or have experience. Make sure that the parents of the house are heavy sleepers and sleep for a long time without waking.
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    Make an escape plan. Also think about where you're going and when. Know which stairs or floorboards creak, when the parents are asleep and such. Go out windows, it's less obvious.
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    Go to the host's room and whisper about the plan. Leave at about 12AM. Review the plan, then have your normal little party until then.
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    Make sure the parents are asleep, and start putting on your clothes, as if you were getting ready for school. Wear only socks if you have to run across tiles, if not, wear shoes like normal. Run your escape route. Make sure that everyone gets out the exit and keep it unlocked.. Lock your bedroom door, and turn off the lights in the room you're expected to sleep in.
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    Once out, you run the night. Just stay away from cops, cars, typically other people. If you're visiting someone, let them know you're coming at night, tell them the time you'll be there, and use common sense! Check-up and make sure that the parents are still asleep every hour.
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    Go home after 2 hours, but you can go out again about 2 hours after you came home if you get bored.


  • Wear shorts when possible.
  • Don't go too far from the house. Then it will take way too long to get back, and besides, if you checkup every hour, it will take you an hour to get there anyway! Only go to the big city if your daring personality craves excitement.
  • Pack light, trust me. Bring as little as possible, if anything. No purses, hats, glasses, only reasonable things.
  • Don't take the car even if you can drive. They'll notice a car gone if they wake up.


  • Keep out of other people's cars.
  • Some cities have juvenile curfews, so stay away from cops (unless of course you're in real danger)!
  • Keep away from the second story window if you're not sure about it.
  • If the cops stop you, be polite and answer any questions they ask. Don't challenge their authority by asking things like "what laws are we breaking", this may prompt them to call your parents when they wouldn't have otherwise..
  • If there is a thunderstorm, don't go outside. That's just stupid. Rain is O.K if you don't mind getting a little wet, because you probably don't want to haul around an umbrella while sneaking out.

Things You'll Need

  • Caffeinated drinks
  • Gray or black clothes (for shadows, but make them look nice.)
  • A small flashlight able to fit in pocket (you never know, do you?)

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