How to Throw a Fun Children's Themed Party

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Themed parties for kids are one of the best ways to ensure that a children's party is fun. The focus is best placed on what your child likes best, from fairies to cartoon characters, as well as choosing a theme that won't break the budget. Many items can be made by yourself or even by your children.

Part 1
Choosing the theme

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    Unless it's to be a surprise, it's most fun to include your child in the planning from the get-go. For example, ask your child if he or she has any theme in mind and to give you ideas of what he or she wants for a party.
    • If it's a surprise party, focus on what you know your child is currently excited about the most.
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    Talk to other moms and dads. Find out what themes they've used for parties in the past, and which ones worked the best. One of the benefits of talking to other parents is that sometimes you can borrow leftover props and games if you decide to use a similar or same theme that they've used.
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    Consider some of the more standard themes. Here is a list of some of the most common themes children's parties are based on:
    • Fairies, princesses, ballet, sparkly things, dance, dress-ups, castles
    • Characters and sets from movies, cartoon, animated series and books/book series
    • Pirates, robots, dinosaurs, mighty machines, cars and trains, super heroes
    • Candies, cupcakes, sweets, candy buffet
    • Animals, teddy bears, stuffed toys, horses and ponies
    • Stars, planets, space travel, rockets, the moon
    • Fantasy (dragons, wizards, witches, etc.)
    • Football, soccer, tennis, swimming, ice skating, ice hockey, basketball, etc.
    • Hobbies of all kinds
    • Treasure or scavenger hunts.

Part 2
Preparing for the theme party

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    Decide what you want to make and what needs to be purchased. Handmade things can save costs and can be tailored specifically to what you want. Some of the things that can be made from scratch or by improving dollar store goodies include:
    • Invitations
    • Wall and ceiling decorations, such as mobiles, posters, streamers, bunting/garlands, wreaths, cut-outs, etc.
    • Party hats
    • Goodie bags
    • Game pieces and prizes.
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    Match the decorations to the theme. Here is your chance to really make it clear what the party theme is and what the party is all about. Use products with images of the theme on them (either print/draw your own or buy ready-made), use posters, pictures and costumes to really rev up the atmosphere and show off the theme.
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    Decide on what to offer for the birthday cake, party treats and drinks. If you're having a sleepover, there will also need to be some midnight munchies and a breakfast the next morning.
    • Provide sweet and healthy dishes as much as possible. Lots of fruits can be turned into interesting shapes and served with dips, sauces and whipped cream.
    • Favorite baked goods include ice cream, muffins, cupcakes and brownies.
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    Decide on activities. There are lots of things that can be enjoyed at a themed party, including:
    • Movies or cartoons (perhaps featuring the characters or elements of the theme)
    • Games
    • Sports, such as team games, running or tag races, hide and seek, etc.
    • Dressing up
    • Competitions.


  • Know what the weather will be like, if you want to have and outdoor party it must be a nice weather but if it's not then have it inside have plan A and plan B for a weather change.

Things You'll Need

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  • Party decorations
  • Theme recipes
  • Goodie bags and contents

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