How to Throw a Dog Party

Three Parts:Planning the partyPreparing food and drink for the partyOrganizing activities for the party

If you feel that your pup is special enough for a party, throw a dog party. Your dog party could have any event a dog can enjoy and love. You can even consider a biscuit cake! Whether it is your puppy's birthday, or is just for the fun of it, every dog will love your entertainment, that is if you follow these steps.

Part 1
Planning the party

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    Plan at least a week ahead. Think of the occasion. Choose a theme: like lets say "Star Wars" and for fun make a dog parody of it "Pug Wars". Put pictures around of the theme and balloons.
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    Decide on the place that is safe for you, your dog, and your dog's friends. If all of the party guests are toilet trained, an indoor party could work as long as you have space. If you have a securely fenced backyard, block off any precious flower beds or poisonous plants and you're good to go. You could also try a dog park or dog-friendly beach - try calling the owners and reserving some space.
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    Decide on a date. Your dog's birthday can be found by looking at his pedigree. If you don't know his big day, make one up and stick to it. Or, you could just have a party for any reason, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. If you throw an Easter party, remember: no chocolate!
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    Decide on the number of guests (dogs) according to location and space.
    • Make sure all the dogs you are inviting know each other, before putting all your dogs together, so that dogs won't fight, or hurt other dogs at the dog party.
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    Make invitations for the party. Your invitation might be a doggy bone, with a little card sent with it. Tell your friends the date, time and place, and remind them to bring their dog.
    • If it's your dog's birthday, you could ask for a little present to spoil Fido with.

Part 2
Preparing food and drink for the party

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    Provide lots of water. Disposable bowls are great for food and water. Make sure there is always lots of fresh, clean water on hand (tap water at parks may not be the best).
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    Include food for the dogs. What kind of party doesn't have a cake? You could just buy a white or yellow sponge (no chocolate or fudge) but that would be boring! Make a doggie birthday cake.
    • Treats will be needed for party games. Some treats are shaped like bones.
    • If you are bringing food that needs chilling, take a portable icebox or cooler with you.
    • Always ask owners before feeding a dog treats or food.
    • Remember to ask about allergies and look up foods that might be poisonous to dogs, so that you can avoid having those.

Part 3
Organizing activities for the party

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    Provide meeting and greeting time. Give the dogs the opportunity to sniff each other and get to know each other better. This will help to ensure that all the dogs get along and won't fight or be aggressive to another dog.
    • Tell the owners they are each responsible for ensuring the good behavior of their dog and should a dog start a fight, it either has to be separated somewhere or taken home.
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    Have lots of toys for dogs to play with. As well as the ones you provide, owners should bring their own toys, blankets and chew toys
    • Chew toys are just one of the many kinds of toys dogs play with. Check that the toy can't be swallowed, or harm the dogs in any way.
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    Plan party games. You could set up a simple agility course with jumps, tunnels and hoops. You could hold a mini dog show or obedience trial. Try races (throw a stick and see who fetches first!). Give away awards for all kinds of titles (prettiest, best tugger, fastest fetch) so that every dog gets at least one.
    • If it's warm, include some water games. Perhaps have a sprinkler for your doggy guests to play in. Most dogs enjoy water and they can find it pleasing to run through it.
    • Have a tug of war.
    • Throw-a-Ball game requires a nice sized ball that your doggy guests can grab and fetch, because in this game, it's whoever is the fastest, who is the top dog, just throw the ball, and see who gets it first. It provides fun time with all of the dogs together! Make sure that the ball is a good chewy ball. The ball shouldn't be able to be swallowed, or even ripped apart, because some dogs enjoy to do this.
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    Provide prizes for the winners of the games. Choose prizes to take home, such as meaty bones, treats, or simple affection.
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    Make goody bags. When it's time for your guests to leave, they'll be able to go home with your custom goody bags. This is a nice way of ensuring everyone gets to take something home. These could include:
    • A couple of dog biscuits or treats
    • Some nice-smelling dog shampoo (try buying a bottle and filling a bit into a small container for each guest)
    • A $5-10 dollar voucher for a local pet store
    • A dog bone
    • A piece of the doggie birthday cake
    • Something about dogs or dog-styled for the owner.
    Alternatively, if you really want to impress, send out invites way ahead of time and plan each guest's bag individually. Try asking owners about favourite snacks, adding little essentials for particular breeds (for example, sunscreen for hairless dogs, coat whitener for white breeds or a little flannel for a drooling breed).
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    Have a doggone fun time!


  • Invite dogs you know yours gets along with, not who you think they get along with.
  • Be a good hostess and check that all dogs and their owners are happy throughout each stage of the party.
  • Make sure your doggy guests can eat the treats you give, some dogs have to have special diets.
  • Provide doggy-do clean-up bags. Dogs do tend to mark territory, so whether this party is at your home, friends, or a local park, it is best to bring doggy bags along for any bathroom breaks, and not a single dog views defecation wherever it feels like as an accident or problem.
  • Make sure that all dogs aren't left unsupervised and that all owners are responsible for their dog's actions.
  • Choose dog treats that are healthy, but yummy.
  • Don't hold the party for too long because the dogs may get tired.


  • On hot and sunny days dogs may get heat stroke so be careful on picking your party day. Keep dogs in the shade, quiet and well watered if it gets too hot. You can even consider rescheduling the party if the day turns out to be too hot.
  • Do not give any dogs chocolate. Chocolate is harmful and potentially fatal to a dog that ingests it.
  • Human food should not be given to dogs. It's not your place to decide what the owners will put up with––keep everything suitable for the dogs.
  • Balls or any chew toys, or entertainment, or even treats and dog bones, cannot harm a dog, or be swallowed that could be harmful!

Things You'll Need

  • Doggy invitations
  • Balls, chew toys, or any ropes
  • Dog treats and bones
  • Dog guests
  • Pooper scoopers and doggy-do bags
  • Goody bags (and items for inclusion)

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