How to Throw a Christmas Party on a Budget

Well the festive time will be soon approaching once again and it might just be the right time to start thinking of all of those Christmas parties that you want to hold. However, the whole process can be rather expensive, but as with anything in life, there are steps that you can take and tricks to utilize to save money on the best Christmas party you will ever have seen.


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    Plan your party. To start with, we will look at planning your party. Every party needs a plan and on this plan you must clearly state your budget - this means the maximum amount of cash you will want to spend, not the estimated amount that you think it might cost you. Then make a list of all of the party guests that you want to invite. Invitations do not have to cost a lot. There is no need to buy expensive invitations from stores; you can make them at home. You can either make use of your computer and make and print out your own invitations, or get creative and make them yourself.
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    Decorate. As for the decorations for your Christmas party, why not get the family together and have the kids make you some decorations? Not only will these be more personal but you will find that will be more unique and creative than shop bought decorations and will make a great talking point with all of your guests.
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    Plan and prepare your food. Nibbles are essential at a party, and for this you should make good use of buy one get one free offers in stores, or check out reduced items that are going out of date soon. As long as they are in date for the party, it doesn’t matter as they are only going to be popped into little bowls and eaten. Once the night is over, they can be thrown away.
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    Save a bit of money on the spirits. If you are planning to have alcohol at your party, why not make a note on your invitation for the guests to bring a bottle? This will take some of the burden away from you and also some of the cost. Make sure you have a few bottles of wine and spirits in your home, just in case, and perhaps a few mixers, but by having the guests bring a bottle each, you can ensure that you are not spending a small fortune. It is normally good manners to bring a bottle of something when you are going to a party, so this should really go without saying.


  • All in all, a party is about having fun. As long as you are creative and imaginative, you will find that throwing the best party will not have to break the bank!
  • To save money on expensive repairs and dry cleaning, make sure that you remove everything that is breakable and that can be ruined. Make sure you have carpet cleaner to hand just in case someone spills their drink or any food and this will save on carpet cleaner bills the next morning!

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