How to Throw a Beatles Party

So you're a fan of The Beatles, one of the greatest bands ever to grace this earth? Then what better way to celebrate their legacy than throwing a Beatle-themed party for family and friends? Read this article for tips on holding a "gear do"!


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    Study Beatle history. Remember that the band progressed in a short period of time from typical 60's skiffle and rock'n'roll, to more psychedelic, Eastern-influenced music, to universal, alternative rock, and all of the stages in between. As their music changed, their fashion and surroundings changed also; for example, if you were to focus on their early years, you might decorate your party area to look like the immortal Cavern Club, and dress in snappy suits. Getting the little details right will all help the mood and convincing feel of your event.
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    Match your theme with the music. If focusing on early Beatles, stick to the first few albums - from "Please Please Me" to "Help!". If focusing on later Beatles, you have a wider range to choose from - anything from "Revolver" to "Let It Be" will work. And remember, playing non-Beatle music at a Beatle event is just plain lazy.
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    Learn the lingo. Hailing from Liverpool, the Beatles were known for retaining their recognisable accents and sayings, and having a laugh in interviews. Watch early Beatle interviews (before they stopped touring), note the accents and vernacular sayings like "gear", "swine", "wicked", etc. Team with a convincing Liverpool voice and you're good to go!
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    Get the original Beatle movies, A Hard Day's Night and Help!. Not only are the numerous songs great to sing and dance to, but the storylines and the band's acting are very funny to watch. Guaranteed laughs all the way!
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    As with any party, lay out plenty of food and drink. Finger food such as sausages, vol-au-vents, chicken, beers and crisps are all safe bets. Do a little research online for traditional Liverpudlian grub, and if you have a knack for cooking you could boost the theme by making a dish from scratch!
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    Decorate your area, again referring to your chosen theme. The early Beatle period conjures up thoughts of the dark but lively Cavern Club, TV studios and an air of business. Make original posters for Beatle concerts, or print them off and paste them to the walls. Cut out music symbols from cardboard, prick a hole through the card and stick to the ceiling with string so that they dangle freely. Set up a karaoke machine if you have one, or even just a CD player and a toy mike, and arrange seats around an open area to make a stage for willing performers! Later Beatle years are much more reminiscent of the hippie era, so hunt around old charity shops or online for gauzy sheets, Eastern-style cushions and ottomans, and place them casually around the room. Light incense for a distinctive hippie smell!
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    Most importantly, get into the spirit of things! The right host can make a party, and if the guests seen the host enjoying themselves and caring for those around them, then everyone will get great fun and entertainment from the event!


  • The steps above can be applied to any sort of themed party, particularly those which celebrate bands or singers. Who knows—if your first party proves a success, maybe you could make music parties a regular event!
  • Make sure you have all of the necessary music you need; albums, records, whatever. For late Beatle-esque parties, ask a talented friend to bring a guitar and sing out your favourite tunes unplugged!
  • Your party can be as extravagant or cheap as you like. Charity shops, sites like Amazon and eBay, and even your own garage are great places to start looking for decorations. If you're at a complete loss for decoration, just make your own stuff from household objects. Use your imagination!

Things You'll Need

  • Imagination
  • As much money as you are willing to spend, but enough for basics (food, décor, etc.)
  • Internet or library access, for inspiration
  • Necessary music, costumes, etc.
  • A venue (house parties are free!)
  • Enthusiastic friends

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