How to Test the Oil Content of Your Cosmetics

Oily makeup can be a contributing factor to skin problems such as acne, rashes, and other skin problems. If you're not sure how oily your makeup is, this little test will help you find out.


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    Find a piece of 25 percent cotton-bond typing paper. Lay this out flat on a table or board.
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    Smear a thick layer of your makeup on the sheet. Repeat on separate sheets for each separate makeup item that you'd like to test.
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    Leave the sheet for one day (24 hours). At the end of this time, see what has been left on the paper. There will probably be an oil ring around the makeup. The broader the oil ring, the oilier the makeup.
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    Consider changing your oiliest makeup products to a less oily makeup if you are experiencing skin problems. Ask the retailer to help you find makeup that contains less oil.

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