Use this template for editors that violate policy.

Use this code: {{username|reason}} where reason is one of the three letter codes below or a custom message.

  • off for offensive, profane, or hateful usernames.
  • bot for names that claim to be bots.
  • pub for users claiming to be a public figure. Use {{username|pub|Other person}}
  • num for usernames made of mostly numbers and symbols.
  • adm for users claiming adminship or other user rights.
  • ema for usernames made of an e-mail address.
  • sim for usernames confusingly similar to another active user. Use {{username|sim|othername}}
  • non for usernames that are unreasonably long or nonsensical. This does not apply to otherwise acceptable names written in a non-English language.

To make:

We're so glad you joined us! I noticed, however, that your username is in violation of our username policy.

If you're not sure how your username violates our policy, just ask me by replying to this message!

To have your username changed, just fill out this form. If you continue to edit with an inappropriate username, however, your account may be blocked. For questions, feel free to contact me, an Admin or the Help Team. Thanks!