EditDo Not Edit: Global Template


  • Use this template to provide a link to a template.

  • Example: Use {{temp|warning}} to make {{warning}}.

EditAdditional Parameters

  • Display additional parameters.

    • Example: Use {{temp|User Vandalized|4}} to make {{User Vandalized|4}}.
  • When specified, use the parameter name and number relative to its position in the code.

    • Example: Use {{temp|User Vandalized|4|3=lang=BrE}} to make {{User Vandalized|4|lang=BrE}}.
    • In the above example, the template name (User Vandalized) is already used as the first parameter. The number of times vandalized (4) is already used as the second parameter. Therefore, "lang" is number 3 parameter.
    • You can add up to 10 extra parameters, using numbers 3 through 10, in numerical order.