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Congratulations! You helped write [[{{{1}}}|How to {{{1}}}]] and your contribution has helped it to reach the highest honor for an article on wikiHow. It is to be brought into the Spotlight as an example of wikiHow's all time greatest work! For one week ({{{2}}} through {{{3}}}), the article will be displayed on the home page with a high definition photograph and a short blurb describing it. Since that means that thousands upon thousands of people might read the page you helped make, here are some ways you can prepare!

  • Go to the article's [[Discussion:{{{1}}}|Discussion Page]] and post ideas for the blurb.
  • Add more images to the article. Click "Edit this Page" and then click the "Add a photo" link at the bottom of the article to get started. If you are in Advanced editor mode, you will have to add the pictures by hand. If you need help with this, feel free to leave your question on an admin's talk page or in the forums.
  • Polish your author page so that the many people who read your wikiHow can learn more about you and what else you've written here.
  • Learn how to Revert Vandalism in wikiHow. Since we usually leave all articles open for editing, occasionally Spotlight articles are vandalized. You can easily fix those problems if they occur.
  • Pat yourself on the back! Your contribution to "{{{1}}}" has helped it to become a top-quality article worthy of Spotlight status. As a contributer to this article, you've played an important role in making wikiHow the world's greatest how-to manual. Thanks!