Template:Language Project

''This is a sample template for making a [[wikiHow:Language Project|new wikiHow language project]]. You can start a new Language Project by copying and pasting this page and replacing '''EXAMPLE''' with the name of the Language you want to start. wikiHow's long term vision is to make a free how-to manual available to everyone on earth. To do this, we need to build wikiHow in multiple languages. The method we use to do this is described in the Language Version Process. Right now the {{{1}}} language is in the "project phase" where we try to sign up enough dedicated volunteers to build a live wikiHow.

EditWhat We Need

  • At least one volunteer who wants to be the dedicated go-between for the English and {{{1}}} wikiHow communities. This person should be an editor of the English wikiHow who has some familiarity with way wikiHow works. Being a go-between can involve a significant time commitment so only volunteer if you truly want the job.
  • Several other speakers of {{{1}}} language that plan to contribute to the new wikiHow.
  • A few volunteers who will help translate the language file from English to {{{1}}}.
  • A few volunteers to create some basic documentation pages in the {{{1}}} wikiHow so new editors know how to get started. Important pages like the Writer's Guide, About wikiHow need to be translated.

EditBuild a Team of Volunteers

We need to have a team of volunteers who are plan to contribute to a wikiHow in this language if we build it.

To sign up, first create an account and then sign your wiki signature below by writing ~ 4 times so it looks like ~~~~:

  1. Write your name here by editing this page and typing ~~~~

EditNext Steps

Once we have enough people and at least one go-between who is also a regular editor on the English wikiHow we will be able to proceed. To accelerate this process you might consider trying to recruit new members. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Jack at wiki@wikiHow.com. Write "Jack" in the subject line to get past the spam filters.