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This September, wikiHow's Featured Editor is...




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Maluniu is September's choice because she is always looking out for wikiHow's technical side of things. She is always working behind the scenes to make sure that wikiHow is running correctly, and she always has a humble and loving disposition. She's celebrated for her work with image licenses and without her expert knowledge and work wikiHow would be bogged down by images that are unused and aren't useful. And, of course, her work on wikiHow articles has been tremendous, and she's even written a few great articles herself.

Maluniu has always demonstrated a very high level of professionalism and has done advanced formatting on articles she has made in response to requests, she shows an unmistakable creativity which has inspired the careful crafting of delightful new Featured Articles, and above all she is friendly and offers a helpful willingness to jump in and assist others in the middle of meaty wikiProjects.

Let's hear it for Maluniu!

You can contact Maluniu here.