Template:Featured Author

Congratulations! This article (↑) that you contributed to has been chosen to be featured as an example of wikiHow's best work! While the schedule occasionally changes, it is currently scheduled to be the Featured Article on {{{1}}}. On that day the article will be displayed on the home page and on the RSS feed, and highlighted on the Google "How-to of the Day." Since that means that thousands upon thousands of people might read the page you made, here are some ways you can prepare:

  • Read How to Write a Featured Article to understand what makes a featured article shine.
  • Polish your author page so that the many people who read your wikiHow can learn more about you and what else you've written here.
  • Learn how to Revert Vandalism in wikiHow and how to Patrol Recent Changes on wikiHow. Since we usually leave all articles open for editing, occasionally featured articles are vandalized. You can easily fix those problems if they occur.
  • Prepare yourself for many negative and potentially attacking comments on the discussion page of the article on the day it is featured. Sadly, as wikiHow has become a very popular website, we have attracted a group of very negative "internet trolls" who enjoy making other people mad. Recognize that these gratuitous attacks happen on every featured article and they will in no way diminish your article and achievement. Every successful author gets criticized. Don't let them get you down.
  • Pat yourself on the back! Helping write a top-quality article worthy of feature status is a great accomplishment.

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