How to Tell When It Will Rain On a Day Trip

Forecasting the weather can be difficult. Depending on where you are, a perfectly sunny day can turn into a rainstorm by lunch, or an early morning drizzle will quickly give way to the sun and the heat. When you plan a day trip or an outing, you want to be sure you can count on good weather to get you to your destination safely and allow you to fully enjoy whatever it is you plan to do. Tell when it will rain on a day trip by accessing weather technology, such as mobile applications, and checking for weather updates as frequently as they are available.


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    Get an exact location for your planned day trip.
    • Narrow down cities and communities as specifically as you can. For example, instead of "Tampa", specify that you are going to "South Tampa". The more detailed you can get in your destination, the better you will be able to predict rain.
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    Download a precise weather application to your smartphone. There are apps available for iPhones and Android phones that can help you predict rain for your desired location.
    • Perform a search in the app store or play store, depending on your phone, to find other apps that may help you tell if it will rain on your day trip.
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    Check the local forecast. Watch The Weather Channel or the local news to find out if rain is expected in the area of your planned day trip.
    • Look for specifics, such as when it is expected to start, and how strong a chance of rain might be. This could help you plan your day trip around the expected start time of the rain.
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    Talk to locals. People living in the area might have a good idea about whether it will rain.
    • Consult farmers. Farmers have been known to study birds and animals for clues about whether rain is imminent. For example, if sparrows are seen playing in water, farmers believe that means it will be dry for the next day or two. If sparrows are in the sand, they believe rain will occur on that day or the next.
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    Consider recent weather patterns. You might be able to tell if it will rain based on what the weather has been doing. For example, if the forecast has not said anything about rain but there has been an afternoon shower every day of the week, you might expect one on your day trip as well.
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    Pay attention. Looking to the sky can help you tell if your day trip is going to be rained out.
    • Look for ominous dark clouds. Those do not necessarily mean rain, but they could indicate that it is likely.
    • Figure out the humidity level. If the air feels denser and heavier than normal, that might indicate rain.
    • Listen for thunder and watch for lightening. Thunderstorms almost always include rain.
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    Keep yourself up to date. Leave the car radio turned to the weather report, or check the app on your phone regularly. Forecasts can change unexpectedly.


  • Plan accordingly in case it does rain. Take an umbrella, raincoat, a hat and boots with you on your day trip to protect you from any wet weather.
  • Have alternative plans in place in case it rains throughout your entire day trip. For example, plan to go to the museum instead of the park or a movie instead of the beach.


  • Pay attention to weather advisories, warnings and watches. If dangerous weather or heavy rain is forecasted, consider canceling your day trip and rescheduling it for another day.

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