How to Tell Others About wikiHow

If you want to help spread the word about wikiHow so that others come to the site, there are quite a few ways you can do this. All that is required is some planning, enthusiasm and some of your generosity.


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    Print some homemade advertising. Write a short, pithy blurb about wikiHow. Print this off and take it to places where you will be permitted to pin it up. It might help to put the URL on tear-off pieces at the base of the advertising so that people can take this home and type it in. Places where you might consider advertising include:
    • Your local library's bulletin board
    • Your school, university/college, workplace noticeboard areas
    • The local town hall, civics centre, citizen's advice bureau, neighbourhood centre, community centre etc.
    • On street poles (only if legal!)
    • Your work tearoom or gathering point
    • On noticeboards in places you visit frequently, such as your local gym, exercise studio, club house, guild etc.
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    Make some wikiHow stickers. Print some stickers for wikiHow. Place these on your bag, your locker, your folders, your pinboard etc. Put them somewhere where friends and colleagues will ask, "So, what's that all about?" Then you can tell them!
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    Offer to give a talk at your work or school about using wikis. Use wikiHow as the prime example of a wiki and use it live to take people through the site and demonstrate what it has to offer them if they read it or become a contributor. It is a good idea to choose some good articles and areas to go before you give this talk, as it can be unhelpful if you do this and people see some of wikiHow's unfinished or messed up work!
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    Spread the word online. There are many ways that you can "name-drop" and promote wikiHow online. Consider such ways as:
    • Adding wikiHow to your e-mail signature
    • Adding wikiHow to your website pages (blogs, music site pages, video site pages, other how-to sites, whatever!)
    • Leave messages about wikiHow on forum boards and chat pages. Go to topic specific forums on certain areas and leave the link to the category that relates to that topic, asking people to come and contribute. For example, you might go to a computer forum and leave a message to the software category, or to a model maker's website and leave the link to wikiHow's model making category, etc. Leave a brief explanation and a live link
    • Write about wikiHow in your blog or on article sites
    • Talk about wikiHow in chat rooms
    • Encourage bloggers and article writers to add wikiHow to their website and to leave some of their information on wikiHow.
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    Take wikiHow to a select group of hobbyists. Why not choose a category, say "needlecraft" and take it the local needlecraft guild in your area? Tell them about how to wiki and show them examples of work already on wikiHow that they could be using. Explain the benefits of freely shared how-to information in their area of interest, such as a place to share patterns free, to find new information, and to add their own knowledge and expertise to help ensure that their craft lives on through a wider audience. Emphasise to the hobbyists how they can leave their information here for free, access it for free, share it for free. And don't forget to underline how doing this helps to preserve knowledge for future generations as part of greater knowledge-sharing.
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    Start a wiki group at your local school, work, or in your community. Use wikiHow as your main wiki to explain how wikis work and offer to help your interested people to go through wikiHow with you online. This can be a hard thing to begin as you will need to advertise, arrange a meeting place, and lead the group, but if you're good at this sort of thing it'll be worthwhile.


  • When explaining wikiHow to others, it is helpful to explain the "one-stop-shop" idea to them. Many people say. "Yes, but I already know good websites to go to for the information I want." You can explain that the aim is for wikiHow to be the one place to stop for all the information rather than having to visit lots of websites first - other websites become additional information and wikiHow is the gathering point for the top level information.
  • It is important to explain how wikis work and how everyone has the opportunity to be involved, including in fact-checking. A lot of people do not trust wikis because they don't feel that they can trust the information. Tell them that wikiHow uses referencing and that they are welcome to help improve the accuracy of articles with their own knowledge and to add such references.


  • Not everyone 'gets' wikis. Don't belabour the point with such people; they will only get frustrated and irritated by your insistence. Keep your message simple and your offer to help open and leave it at that.
  • Only leave wikiHow advertising where it is permissible; to leave it somewhere without permission will create problems and creates a poor image for wikiHow.

Things You'll Need

  • Printer
  • Paper
  • List of locations to advertise
  • Place to hold wiki meet-ups

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