How to Teach Your Kids the Importance of Water

There are many important things about water. First of all, our bodies are made out of water, and the percentage of water that each body is made of is various, dependent on how they control the weight of people. For example, a fat body would be made up of approximately 45% water.

Water is also used for drinking, to keep people hydrated. If it weren't for drinking water, there wouldn't be people living on this Earth. Some forms of drinking water include drinking it from a water bottle, from a cooler and from a glass.

If it weren't for water, our bodies wouldn't operate properly - just like a car with no gasoline wouldn't operate properly. So, step up and teach the importance of water to your kids. Have a good time as a family, and appreciate that water is a precious gift on Earth!


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    Find some good water bottles at the store, and buy them for your kids. Especially when it's hot outside and they're getting sweaty, ensuring that they are well hydrated is a very essential factor. A water bottle is also a good option when you don't have access to water glasses or a cooler.
    • Try buying a stainless steel bottle over a plastic one. This is a better choice because, one might absorb and swallow a toxin, and that toxin was filtrated into the water. Drinking from a plastic bottle can also result in the catch of a disease called bisphenol-A (BPA for short), and it can lead to different types of cancers, problems with productiveness, diabetes, and burdens in the growth of young children. However, stainless steel bottles were made from 18/8 food grade steel. This steel does not contain holes, and is pretty much the same as the material you see in cooking equipment and silverware. It is the safest replacement when you intend to stop drinking from plastic bottles. [1]
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    • Be sure to have your kids take along a water bottle with them at school. Yes, they can get permission from their teacher(s) to leave the classroom for the water fountain, but it is important to them to stay hydrated while they are learning. This also keeps your kids from having to take several trips to the water fountain, thus making them less thirsty and not miss out on a lot of good learning.
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    • Ask your kids each what their favorite bottles are (a bottle has a cool design, decorations, etc), and see if you can find that bottle at a store. They will definitely be more absorbed with water if drinking from a favorite water bottle. Try picking a favorite water bottle yourself and buying it, so the kids are better encouraged to do so. This will also teach them the importance of drinking water with a sample.
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      • You can also try allowing your kids to add some "toppings" into their water bottles, including berries and a slice of orange...whatever they like! This will make the water more tasty for them.
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    Do some water activities together. Doing water activities is entertaining, effective in teaching your children about the importance of water, and will definitely cool everyone off during the summer! Swimming is refreshing and gives you good exercise, but you should try some other activities as well, such as walking in an ocean or river, or even canoeing!
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    Share some fruits that are high in water. Even though a glass of water is good and keeps you adequately hydrated, there is enough water in some fruits you consume, too!
    • Try cutting and eating cantaloupe, which is a light yellow-orange melon in the cucumber family. It is refreshing, has about 90% water, and also has a good amount of Vitamin A, which can help get rid of dry skin. It also lowers stress levels, has a good amount of Vitamin C (Vitamin C works in the parts of your body that have soluble water, and functions as a stimulus to your white blood cells), and is good for smokers (because the effects of smoking are turned backward, and you have a lower risk of getting emphysema or other diseases in your lungs like that). [2]
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    • A watermelon is another good choice. It consists of over 90% water, is high in protein (and the seeds consist of a lot of it), lowers your blood pressure and problems with your arteries, and can even improve metabolic syndrome (some medical disarray that makes the risk of coronary artery disease, Type 2 diabetes, and some kind of stroke, go up).[3]
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    • Try eating some strawberries. They are a very good choice because they have approximately 92% water, don't have many calories (about 54 per cup), have a lot of fiber, and can even help with short term memory (this is done by 100% in approximately 8 weeks by the anthocyanins). Strawberries can also lower the risk of cardiovascular (heart) disease, which is caused by the flavonoids they have (which make the color and flavor in strawberries). [4]
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    Teach them about water safety. Make sure that they know what to do when they swim too deep, to always swim while an adult is watching, to make sure that a lifeguard is always there, and how to prevent themselves from drowning.

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