How to Teach Your Dog to Jump Up on Your Bed or Couch

Two Parts:Training your dogTeaching your dog to only come up on command

For the dog owner who is more than happy to have pooch spend time on the bed or couch with you but your pooch seems reticent, you'll need a few training tricks to encourage Fido upward. It's not hard––once your dog senses that it's okay to be up on the furniture with you, it'll come when beckoned.

Part 1
Training your dog

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    Have your dog stand a few centimetres away from your bed or couch. Get onto the furniture yourself, as this will make it more likely that your dog will want to join you.
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    Make a hand signal. Say the command you want (keep this command only for using when you want the dog to perform this motion). For example, pat the surface twice, then say the command "Up". Get a treat and show it to your dog. Then put the treat on the surface of your bed or couch.
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    Reward the dog for obeying your command. Once your dog has jumped up on the couch or bed, give it the treat. Do this at least three times in a row. Then try it without the treat. Repeat as often as needed until the dog gets the gist and performs it correctly.

Part 2
Teaching your dog to only come up on command

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    Train your dog to only jump up when commanded. If your dog jumps on the couch or bed when you do not make the command, then push it off gently. It can also be useful to say something like "Down" so that the dog associates this command with getting off. Only let your dog on the couch or bed when you want it to be there. (See Warnings below.)


  • If you are watching a movie and there is popcorn or other food everywhere on the couch, then it's best to not let your dog up there.
  • Watch what is on your bed or couch; a dog landing on food, hot drinks and digital equipment is not ideal.


  • Once you teach your dog it's okay to get up on things with you, it may make this assumption all of the time. To avoid this, you must spend more time training your dog to only get up on some furniture items and not on others, and only on your command. Also be aware that the dog may transfer the upward motion to anything you sit on, not just furniture, such as a tractor seat, a car seat, a rooftop or anything else you might be working or riding on. In some cases, this may be hazardous to either of you. Thus, go to the extra effort to train it to only jump up on command.

Things You'll Need

  • Treats
  • A specific command
  • Rug for couch or bed to keep surface clean

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