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Reading is the first step into a better life. Reading can unlock thousands of opportunities throughout the world. So what if you are not the one with the reading issue? How do you teach memorable and passionate skills? These questions are the start to a great experience for you and your student.


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    Do not rush. Book choice depends on the age and knowledge of the one you are trying to assign the book to. For very young or weak readers try titles along the lines of Dr. Seuss books or 1st reader skill level. For older or veteran readers for whom you may want to re-kindle their reading abilities, refer to the New York Times Bestseller List. These are books for which it seems no one can resist.
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    Reward them and set goals. Sometimes the best motivation is competition; at least until their interest in reading is more independent. Keep a weekly book quota to help the student stay on track. Give him or her small prizes like five tickets for each book read and maybe have a ticket sale for little prizes.
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    Let them listen to story tapes or CDs. Story CD's are a safe alternative to television and they fire up interest in reading. Currently all kinds of stories are on tape: Kids books, myths, legends, fiction, non fiction, and every other genre under the sun.
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    Writing is the right thing to do. Writing and reading go hand in hand. They can both build grammar, stamina, and good love for reading.
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    Interest can boil down. Now-a-days most children lose their focus FAST. Make it enjoyable by spacing lessons so the child is not overwhelmed.
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    Fit the book to the person. For example, for a more athletic person choose a sports book, a child who enjoys learning would possibly enjoy a Biography or Non Fiction. For a typical child one whose life is not all about sports, learning, or ETC the lessons can be harder to mold. Before you fit them to a book they will truly cherish, you have to develop a bond between you and the child. Neglect from teachers and parents ultimately leads to lack of reading skills. If you can break a child away the television an electronics you have done your job.


  • Go to your public school district's webpage and research summer reading list suggestions for more ideas.
  • Always use books from your own personal favorites.
  • Be determined. Enforcing reading skills is not easy in the least.
  • Try easy books first, then work your way up.
  • Check out for new books.


  • It is good to push kids toward self-motivation, but too much homework or reading can make interest stray.
  • Avoid the Classics. Classics can occasionally be a bit too dry and bland for a burgeoning reader, especially when they are struggling with reading. Try more exciting books, adventure books, that fit their personality. Skippy John Jones for the youngest readers, Junie B Jones for new school goers, and The Magic Tree House and Ramona series for the kids who are going into the earlier grades really spark interest.

Things You'll Need

  • Lots and lots of different books.
  • A computer, a notepad, and a pen.
  • Determination and Inspiration!

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