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wikiHow could use some new contributors. Instead of just advertising, it would be nice if people could teach new users how to use the site, in person in a classroom-like setting. That way, those users would already know everything they need to know about the site and be set to go, and never take the time off of other admins/help team members with their questions. That person who teaches them can be you!


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    Find a place that is willing to let you teach a course. Call a local Senior Citizen's Center, your public library, a community college, or the manager for your school's lunch clubs. They are usually dying to have even more courses taught. Show them this site, how important it is for daily life now, and show them how much there is to know about the site and how editing is like an art form.
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    Plan out your sessions. What things will you focus on teaching? How long and how many courses will there be? Make sure to teach them not to make the common wikiHow newbie mistakes before they even have a chance to make them (extra numbering after the #, introductory phrases beginning each step, thinking personal references, l337 speak, abbrv. words are okay, et cetera. Print out the basic papers for the site and hand them out for reference, like the names for tags, but only basic, because all the articles can also be accessed from the site, but just to have next to them for reference. Be sure to plan out some lectures about
    • the importance of proofreading your work and correct spelling and no typos (tell them to type a word on Microsoft Word, or use Firefox, and see if spell check marks it wrong and then correct it to find out how to spell it, or use a dictionary or spelling dictionary)
    • patrolling
    • article format
    • copy editing (that's common sense, applies to any website)
    • copyright violations
    • personal references
    • use of tags (and hand out a sheet that lists tags and their uses)
    • categories
    • related articles and weaving the web of links
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    Advertise for your class. Making it free, at least for the first time, will make people more willing to try it out. If they already go to wikiHow, but are new, they can learn some stuff there. Explain how it is like Wikipedia in the sense that is is important, helpful and can be edited by anyone. When advertising, tell people to not register, they can register in your class. And, you might want to have them all put a certain number or word after their username so you can identify people from your class. Have them all register at the same time and then go under new users and send each of them a welcome message.
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    Teach it to your group of interested people. Older people usually know how to do a lot more things and wikiHow needs more mature (but appropriate) articles. Be thorough and prepare for questions.
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    Send the people on their way, with more knowledge and loving for wikiHow than they had before your class. You can hand out a roster with everybody's username (just replace it with the name in the URL of someone else's user page) and their name - they should feel a bond because they are users that have a city of residence in common and they registered and learned with each other. Hand out anymore important papers. Say you hope they stay at the site for years to come.
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    Have extended meetings if you like. Don't teach anything. Just have all the people going there to edit and ask you any questions. You can have everyone creating articles, fixing dead-ends, copyediting, improving stubs, removing personal references, patrolling new pages and recent changes at the same time, and have some free-for-all time also if you like.


  • You should try to make the people really appreciate the site before you start teaching. Show them what it's best articles will look like. If it helps them, they will then feel a need to make it even better so new users in the future can enjoy it even more than they did.
  • You should be teaching in a room where everyone, especially you, has a computer. You should also have a projector for your screen so they can see what you are doing and follow you. Just imagine how fast that number of people can edit. Tell everyone to create a page, and 20 minutes later the site could possibly have many more original, high quality articles.
  • Don't be nervous. You are doing it for wikiHow, and it is worth it.

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