How to Talk to a New Dog

You just got a new dog and you are excited, of course, but you don't know how to talk to your new dog. Well, no worries here are some ways to help you new dog settle in his new home using your voice.


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    Talk to your dog softly and nicely. When your dog is getting to know you and the sound of your voice, he needs to learn to associate your voice with good things, not scolding and yelling. You don't want to be loud or rude or you dog may think that you are threat!
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    Say any old thing at first! You are just getting him used to you voice, don't try any commands too soon or anything that may over stimulated your dog. Just tell him quietly how happy you are to have him or just chatter away about what you are doing. You can even read him a story if you like!
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    See if you can judge your new dog's mood once he has settled in a little. Talk to your dog when he is happy and behaving calmly. Use some praise words, "Good boy", "That's it, good dog" so he gets to know you use your happy voice and praise words when he is being calm and happy. Try to pat him while talking to him to really praise him and reinforce your words and tone of voice.
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    Use your dog's name when you talk to him to get him to respond to you. Try not to praise using his name to not confuse your dog. Get him used to your voice saying his name meaning you want him to do something straight away. This will be important later when you are training him to "Come". When he's still getting used to your voice, give him new toys. Say, "Look Fido look what I got" and shake the toy to get his attention. When he comes to investigate the toy, praise him.
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    Use your voice as your dog's reward, eventually. Some professional dog trainers have their dogs so well trained that they will do anything just to hear their owner praise them. You may feel a total fool using the right type of praise voice and words. Dog's like high pitched praise, so guys, loose the macho deep pitch! Squeal a bit and go overboard, "You're a good dog, whose a good boy, ooh, he's such a good boy". You will feel a proper idiot put it'll help you bond and make him more obedient.
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    Give your dog space if you think he needs it. Some dogs need personal space like some people.


  • Try to talk to him whenever you can
  • If you can buy another dog to keep your pet company if you think your dog has a sociable temperament.
  • Reading to dogs, and cats, has proven to be beneficial for children who need to improve their skills or confidence in reading aloud and can encourage a reluctant reader to pick up a book.


  • Don't yell or scream
  • Don't ever allow a dog to become possessive about food, his bed or anything else.
  • Don't annoy him

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