How to Take the First Step to the Rest of Your Life

Liking who you are is very important. If we don't accept and like ourselves, we have a very hard time believing that others can.

If there are things that you don't like about yourself or parts of you that you feel you need to change, you have to take the all important first steps.


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    Realize that the first step is the hardest step.
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    Do something. To start making progress, you need to do something. That something could be:
    • Jogging/marching/walking. Try doing this for just a couple of minutes.
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    • Dance to a song...the whole song. Do this, even if you have to finish it by walking in place.
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    • Walk around the neighborhood...your cul-de-sac, to the mailbox, anything like that.
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      • The intent is to set an objective, accomplish it and know that you did it.
      • The act of doing this daily will accomplish two things.
        • Provide the priceless feeling of knowing you did it.
        • Increase your stamina.
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    When you feel you are ready, add a third activity.
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    Understand that if you falter, forget, run out of time, etc., it's okay. Just pick yourself up and continue. Even the best gymnast stumbles.
    • As your physical and emotional stamina improve, so will your mind.
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    Stimulate your mind. Almost as much, or maybe even more, as your body needs the increased activity, so will your mind.
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    Look for things that interest you. Find one thing that really catches your eye.
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    Make it a point to not do too much at any one time. You have one goal: Tame one step at a time. Without any type of warm-ups, all that any giant stride will accomplish will be an injury, whether it is physical or emotional.
    • Increase as you can. Try:
      • Moving in place for longer times.
      • Pick a faster or longer song.
      • If that's too easy, try adding swinging arms to your job.

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