How to Take Part in World Cancer Day

Four Methods:Participating OnlinePlanning an Event at HomeFundraisingAttending a Local Event

February 4 is the day when the world unites to raise awareness for cancer education and research. It is meant to spark inspiration and push governments to help fund treatments. Want to take part? Start with step one, below.

Method 1
Participating Online

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    Participate in the #WeCanICan Movement on social media. Write an encouraging World Cancer Day message on your hand. Take a creative picture of your message. Upload the picture to social media with the #WeCanICan hashtag! Checkout your image featured on the wall of support online. center|thumb|Write a message on your hand and then upload a picture of it online!]]
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    Get on board with the #NoHairSelfie Movement. Shave you head, either physically or virtually. You can either invite friends over and shave all the hair off of your head literally, or download the app and virtually "shave" your head. Snap a selfie and share your #NoHairSelfie with your social network: Explain your reason for going through with the #NoHairSelfie. What is your story? Why are you passionate about increasing cancer awareness? Remember to use the #NoHairSelfie hashtag when uploading!center|thumb|Participate in a virtual shave via the #NoHairSelfie app!]]
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    Want to go one step further? Challenge your friends to follow in your footsteps and contribute to spreading awareness.
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    Donate! This is your chance to help monetarily to conquer cancer in our lifetime. Remember, anything that you can spare is helping to create real change.

Method 2
Planning an Event at Home

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    Think about the person/people you want to commemorate on World Cancer Day. What are they passionate about? What kind of an event would they want you to put together?
    • Skating party
    • Board game evening
    • Movie night
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    Invite friends and family over to your house. Throughout the evening have a wall where guests can write down how cancer has affected them. Hopefully this will stimulate conversation about the topic and ways to proactively create change within your community.

Method 3

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    Choose an event that you would like to run to raise money for cancer research. Below are some ideas:
    • Bake Sale
    • Raffle
    • Gala
    • Run/Walk
    • Movie Night
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    Decide which foundation you want to donate to, perhaps a facility that you have a personal connection to or the local hospital.
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    Invite friends, family and the local community to participate at your event!
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    Share images from your event online to spark other's imaginations for ways that they can contribute!

Method 4
Attending a Local Event

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    Do research and find an event in your area that is celebrating World Cancer Day. Try looking at the following:
    • Local Cancer Foundations
    • Schools
    • Community Centres
    • Neighbourhood Event Bulletins
    • Facebook Events
    • Tweets
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    Invite friends and family to come along with you.
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    Enjoy yourself and perhaps find ways that you can help with promoting cancer research in your area.

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