How to Take LPN Classes Online

You have decided to go back to school and study to become an LPN, which is a License Practical Nurse -- a nurse who does almost the same amount of work as an RN, or registered nurse, but is just a notch below. Problem is, you work full-time and don't have the time to go into a classroom everyday, so the solution to your problem is to take some online classes. Online classes allow you do to get your degree without needing to step on campus. Read more on how to take LPN classes online.


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    Look for online schools.
    • Do some research online to see what colleges and universities offer online courses. There are a lot of schools to choose from, so do your homework. Before you decide to choose a college, make sure it is accredited. Some online colleges offer the courses you are looking for, but they aren't recognized by professional nursing associations. So before you make that choice, see if the school you are looking at is accredited.
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    See what courses are offered.
    • Once you have decided what college you want to attend, see what courses they have to offer. You want to make sure the courses you take are inline with what most nursing programs offer their students--just in case you want to go for your RN degree later. Some of the main classes you will need would be Anatomy, Physiology, and Biology; these are just a few of the courses you will need to become an LPN. You'd rather be safe than sorry in terms of what courses you take, especially if you are thinking about transferring your transcript from one college to another.
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    Fill out your application.
    • Filling out your application should be an obvious thing to do, but when you begin filling it out, be sure to have all your information in front of you, like transcripts, financial aid information, etc. You don't want to start filling out your information then miss a step and have to do it all over again.
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    Have your own computer handy.
    • If you are going to take online classes, have your own personal computer. You don't want to spend several nights during the week at a library or a friend's or relative's house trying to take your classes. You should also make sure that it's an updated computer in good working condition. So ensure that your computer gets a good checkup from someone with knowledge about computers. You don't want to have any technical issues while you are trying to start your class work.


  • Make sure you are able to schedule your classes in accordance with what's convenient for you. If you work Monday to Friday, then maybe you just want to start out taking some weekend classes. If that doesn't work, ask your boss if you can rearrange your work schedule so you'll be able to take your classes. You may not want to take a lot of hours to begin with; rather, slowly build your study hours up. That way, you won't be bombard with work and school.


  • Even though you decide to take classes online, some schools still may require that you come in once or twice a week to do clinicals, which is working and learning in a hospital. Clinical work is going to be a very important part of your class work, so if you do not think you'll be able to do clinicals on certain days when it is required of you, then you may want to think about this further before you start taking classes.

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