How to Take Good Scene Pictures

So, you have the look down. Big hair, check. Tight clothes, check. Vegetarian, check. Although when it comes to taking Myspace pictures, you just can't seem to get it right at all!


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    Perfect your look. You may not have to be completely perfectly scene all the time, but when you take pictures, it's a big deal. Get your scene makeup, clothes, etc. ready. Try to choose colours that bring out your best features, e.g. for green eyes, a coppery brown eyeshadow looks amazing. Add extra eyeliner, brighter eyeshadow, rat your hair some more. Make it obvious.
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    Get a good camera, something that's not too large like a Samsung NV. They are a lot easier to handle than a big digital camera, but still take high quality pictures. A digital camera is good, because you can upload them to your computer. An iPhone or anything like that is great because the Internet option means that you can send them to your website or profile instantly. You'll also need a tripod for your camera or something to lean your phone on.
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    Get the angle right. It just takes practice. It really does. Get a tripod to set your camera on. Then take the picture. Learn what looks good and stick to it. You could even try finding a bright colored wall or duct tape a bright colored piece of fabric to a wall and pose in front of it. The most interesting photos are taken at unusual angles. Try looking up or down at the object.
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    Try different poses and such. Blow kisses, text message, tousle your hair, dance, blow bubble gum, whatever makes you a scene queen.If all else fails, throw on your huge sunglasses and have a friend take a pic from above while you're facing into a blowing wind or fan. They usually turn out well.
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    Get good items to put in the picture. Cupcakes, juice boxes, pop cans, stuffed animals such as Gir, turtles, random animals or anything random. If it's food, put it up to your mouth as if you were eating it. If it's a drink, use a straw and put your mouth on the straw. If it's a stuffed animal, hug or kiss it.
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    Have good lighting. Find a place with good lighting, and take your pictures there. A bright light is good, but the outdoors can be better and more natural looking.
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    Upload the photos to your computer and start examining. Find any things you don't like. Take note so you know what do right next time. Try to collaborate different poses into one new one, or try a different location with a different pose. Delete any embarrassing shots - having them leaked after giving a funny copy to a friend is not cool.
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    Use a photo editing program such as Photoshop, Paint, or Gimp. It's nice for erasing a random zit or taming frizzy hair. Never use it to make yourself look thinner or something because people will figure it out.
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    Upload the pictures to MySpace, Facebook, Buzznet, and any other website. You can make a folder for your photos, or just place them randomly in any folder.


  • The location can really help the feel of a picture. A plain wall behind you can help you stand out.
  • Have fun. You'll look more friendly and relaxed if you are cheerful in the photograph.
  • Be creative with different lights and angles for your pictures!
  • It would probably be best to pose and have a friend take the pictures, but if none are available cameras have timers or you could do the classic hold it yourself!
  • Practice makes perfect. Don't be afraid to take a hundred pictures... it's a digital camera, after all!
  • Look confident - you are a scene queen!
  • Try black and white photos, they usually come out the best. (unless your hair is colored!)
  • Before taking your own pictures, look for some examples. Try somewhere like Photobucket.
  • Try using flash. This cancels out any impurities, blemishes or freckles, anything you don't like, and will give your face a nice glow.


  • Even though Kiki Kannibal did nude shots - don't do them! If they get leaked, you will be in huge trouble, and you don't want them to get to the wrong people. Big Mistake. And that can ruin your life.... remember the internet is FOREVER! Something you post when you're 15 can haunt you when you're older.
  • Don't be too sleazy when posing, just try to be you.

Things You'll Need

  • Camera or Phone with internet
  • Memory card
  • Computer (with internet)
  • Tripod or Surface
  • Imagination
  • Time for shooting and editing
  • Photo editing program
  • A place for taking photos

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