How to Take Good Cosplay Selfies

So you're a hobbyist cosplayer? Want to take good cosplay photos but don't have enough money to hire a photographer? Well don't despair, read this article and you'll have perfect shots in no time.


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    Get a camera. You'll be needing an actual camera for this if possible. If you don't have a proper camera, a phone or an iPod will work just as well, but you will get a better picture quality from an actual camera. It doesn't have to be a big, expensive one. Just a simple digital camera will do.
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    Choose somewhere to take the photo. It's better to fit the background to your character (can you really imagine Sherlock Holmes taking selfies in a bathroom mirror?). If in doubt, use your back garden or a large, outdoor area as you will usually get better light outside as well as more choice of backgrounds for your shots. Good place ideas for shots include brick walls, woods, lakes, or even simple park benches.
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    Set up a stand to place your camera on. If you own a tripod, then that would be perfect, but if not, anything from a pile of books to a window ledge will do.
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    Look through the lens of your camera to see where the edges of the shot are. You don't want to have a beautiful photo of you in costume, but the top of your head is missing. If the camera is too low or high, adjust it accordingly. Also, be sure to check whether any large props will fit within the frame of the camera - that epic scythe you made will just look like a big black stick if the blade is cropped off the top of the shot.
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    Choose what pose you want to do for your photo. Something that will fit the character, for example if you are cosplaying as Naruto, perhaps make a peace sign with your fingers and pull a huge grin. If you are cosplaying as Hermione Granger, perhaps bring a book with you and pretend to read. Try to be as creative with poses as possible; many of the same poses are used time and time again but a unique idea will make your cosplay stand out even if the costume isn't 100% accurate.
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    Set the timer on your camera. About 10 seconds should do it, so you can get into position. If you have a large prop to adjust or it is hard to move in your costume then you may need more time.
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    Pose for the photo. Remember, you don't necessarily have to be staring straight into the camera.
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    Once the camera has taken the shot, you can go and look at it. Some cameras have features that let you take lots of shots in quick succession automatically. You could try setting this on your camera too, for more interesting shots.
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    Upload the pictures to your computer and delete the ones you don't care for. Never use the delete button on a camera. Digital cameras don't have a recycle bin; once you delete a photo, it will be gone for good. It is safer to get rid of the ones you don't want on a computer so if you delete one by accident, you can retrieve it from the recycle bin.
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    Time to edit! Now, don't worry if you don't have Photoshop. You don't need it for minor edits. Simply left click the photo you want to edit, click 'open with' and select 'Windows Live Photo Gallery'. Once this is open, click 'Fix' in the toolbar and then edit to your hearts content. You can change the brightness, colouration and even straighten the angle of the photo. You can also fix red-eye caused by staring into the flash of the camera.
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    Congratulations, you now have a wonderful cosplay photo!


  • If you post your pictures online and your costume isn't 100% accurate, don't worry. Most costumes aren't. If some nit-picky fan makes a gesture about having the wrong eye colour or missing a prop, don't worry. Just ignore them. Your cosplay took you a lot of work and you should be proud of it.
  • Don't worry about using flash unless you really have to - if a photo is a little dark, you can easily lighten it up during editing.
  • Don't stare directly into the camera, especially if you have the flash on. This will cause red eye and make you look somewhat demented. Try staring slightly above the camera for the best results.
  • Practice makes perfect. Your first attempts may not be amazing and you may have to take quite a few shots before you get one you like but don't be disheartened. Even professional photographers take hundreds of shots that are no good.

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