How to Take Care of Your Bratz Doll

Bratz dolls cost a lot of money, so you need to take extra good care of them. Here is some information on how to keep your Bratz doll looking great.


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    Never use a plastic fine toothed comb to brush your doll's hair , it will snag the fibers and make them frayed. Also, never use your own brush on the doll's hair. The oil that comes off your hair will damage the doll.
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    If you know how to sew, you can make lots of awesome outfits for your doll.
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    Avoid making it dirty. Don't go in the backyard and play in the dirt with your doll, it will get all messy. Keep your doll clean so you don't have to wash it. If you have a playhouse or slide, go up high. Bratz dolls can be washed, without damaged use a mild shampoo and conditioner for their hair.
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    Be careful with dressing Barbies or My Scene dolls in Bratz clothes as Barbies are bigger, the clothes may rip, so don't ever try to force the clothes on. It is hard to pull the pants up so instead of ripping them you can put water on your dolls legs and it will slip up easier.
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    Make sure you bring along your Bratz case or a bag to carry them in if you ever bring your Bratz to school. Be careful who you let use your dolls.
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    Keep all marking pens, pens, and highlighters away from your doll. Make sure that you keep your dolls accessories in a safe place, like a ziploc bag, plastic container or a special Bratz case so they won't get lost. (earring, rings, bracelets, and sunglasses are easy to lose)
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    Don't put any hair products on their hair except for the Bratz Magic Hair Products that are meant for using on the doll's hair. Make sure you keep an eye on your Bratz because someone could take your Bratz doll. It could even be stolen(or sold) by one of your siblings!
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    If you have a pet like a dog (that chews almost everything) keep your Bratz doll as far away from it as possible, or else it may chew on their hair or rip off arms or legs. They will leave gashes in the doll's body and teeth marks. If you have a cat, they might think the Bratz hair are pieces of yarn.
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    Right before you go to bed, get your dolls hair a little damp and brush it for a little every night. It should not get tangles after that. Also, don't let the doll sleep on your bed, due once again to the oil from your hair damaging the hair and you may also damage it by tossing and turning in your sleep.
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    Always have somewhere safe to put your dolls when you are done playing with them. Leaving them on the floor or lying around somewhere within reach of small children or pets may cause damage to your doll.
    • Brush curly hair softly and gently.
    • P.S. it may get puffy.
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    if you want your dolls hair to stay looking great never over brush it.


  • New Bratz Magic Hair dolls come with doll hair things to keep their hair looking great.
  • If you use the iron on your dolls hair, get the hair a little wet before you do. Make sure the iron is on the lowest setting possible. Do NOT leave the iron on the hair to long or it will melt. (Bratz doll hair is made of plastic.)
  • If you have an old Bratz doll and having trouble to comb its hair, use a brush combined with a comb they have selling in stores these days.
  • If you are going to make videos of your doll do not go crazy. Make sure you are very calm. Sometimes when cameras are around you tend to throw your dolls around. Please don't do this.
  • If you think you are not very good at taking care of things, then I would recommend not to get dolls with curly hair. These dolls hair gets tangled and poofy very quickly after brushing. If you like to throw the dolls around a lot, then leave curly haired dolls for looking at.
  • Don't take the hair out of the original style, you may regret it.
  • If you're having trouble combing a Fashion Pixiez' hair, take a brush and brush only the part that is not curly.
  • Barbie clothes may fit Bratz dolls, but most of them will be loose...some outfits may look great, while others may be too large.
  • Some great recommendations for Bratz dolls are: Bratz Treasures Cloe, Bratz Treasures Yasmin, The Fashion Pixiez, The Bratz Princess Collection. These dolls are great, and very hard to find. Be careful of them.
  • Maybe spritz perfume on your Bratz doll to keep it smelling great, and also when you pretend it goes on a date.


  • Never wash the boys hair. The flocking may cause the hair to fall out. The girls hair are able to be washed but be careful of the shampoo you use.
  • Make sure that your little siblings don't have easy access to your dolls when you are not around. They can choke on its accessories or damage your doll.
  • Never ever let the doll go in the sun to long because it could damage the face or body.
  • Be careful with Bratz with curly hair, so it won't get frizzy and tangled.
  • If the head pops off, it is easy to put it back on.
  • Don't be violent with your doll!

Things You'll Need

  • A Bratz doll
  • Clothes and accessories (the ones who came with the doll, optionally other accessories)
  • If you want to make clothes, scissors, fabric, needles, thread, and some pearls, fabric paint, or sequins if you like to decorate them. A sewing kit could be a good start for this.
  • Hair care accessories. Your Bratz doll will probably come with a brush or comb. Either the original brush with a handle, the star brush, the new "Passion 4 Fashion 2" brush, a comb like the "Birthday Bash" ones. The Magic Hair dolls has lots of hair stuff that can be useful. You can also use some of the human combs on the market.
  • A place where you could keep your Bratz doll safe.

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