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How to Take Care of Ducks

Three Parts:Housing the ducksFeeding the ducksActivities for the ducks

Do you own ducks, but have no idea on how to go about taking care of them? If this happens to be the case, please continue reading for some suggestions that may help you.

Part 1
Housing the ducks

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    Build or find a place for your ducks to sleep. Ducks require a safe structure to stay in which will, at the same time, supply the ducks with their needs. A big pen to keep your ducks in is recommended, but is not required.
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    Give them hay or straw to sleep on. Good care is required in this area if you would like your ducks to remain healthy and not act up. Be sure to give them new hay or straw at least once a week.
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    Clean out their house about twice a month. No duck wants to spend their time in a messy area. Be especially aware that ducks can be extremely messy animals.
    • Cleaning the house is even more important in the winter. Do it more often - about 3-4 times a month. The more ducks you have, the more often you have to do it.
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    Lock the door to your duck's house. Be sure that the ducks will not be able to open the lock and get out of their house. Also, be sure that other animals won't be able to get into their home and eat the ducks' eggs or the ducks. However, make sure that the lock is easy to open and close for when you enter and exit their house.
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    When it comes to winter, extra care should be taken. Predator animals will be on the hunt for food. It is best you keep them in a pen with an entrance to where they sleep. Make sure there are no holes for ducks to get out.
    • Have something to keep ducklings in that is warm and dry. If you have a small tub or a plastic bowl about 2 inches (5.1 cm) high and about a foot and a half wide, the ducks can get in and out as they please.
    • If it is cold and raining all the time, keep ducklings and young ducks inside. Spread food around the floor so they can graze as if they were looking for food to get use to it when they get put outside. They are messy, but if you keep on top of it, it's not that bad.

Part 2
Feeding the ducks

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    Make sure that your ducks have lots of food and water. Keep in mind that ducks can eat a lot, so try to make a feeding schedule due to your own ducks' needs. If you don't supply your ducks with food and/or water, they will die or become ill.
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    In the winter, food and water is a little more important. Build a small pond in the pen for the ducks to drink from. Make sure it doesn't freeze over. Each morning before you let the ducks out into their pen, sprinkle grains, peas, barley and insects on the ground. Winter makes it hard for them to find food.

Part 3
Activities for the ducks

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    Locate something for your ducks to swim in. This is of a high importance, for ducks love a swim and it keeps them clean. A bucket or a pond will work.
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    Allow your ducks to forage in the garden. This will supplement the ducks' diet.


  • Never let your ducks eat objects such as: string, napkins, fake plants, etc.
  • Avoid giving ducks bread, for it will make them feel full at night when they really aren't.
  • Keep babies in a stable cage that won't move around.
  • Instead of having a lock on the duck house door, try pushing a heaving stone at the bottom of the door.
  • Avoid too much contact.


  • Never ever leave your ducks without clean water. This is extremely important.

Things You'll Need

  • Home for ducks
  • Lock or stone
  • Clean water
  • Grains, barley, dead insects
  • Swimming area
  • Straw/hay to sleep on

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