How to Take Care of Chickens During the Summer

Chickens, just like humans, can get de-hydrated or contract serious diseases during the hot summer months. Here are a few ways to keep your chickens properly cared for during the summer months.


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    Have a reliable source of water. Chickens, like any other animal need water to sustain. Having an automatic drinker is perfect for chickens, especially on hot days. This ensured the water source doesn't run out (although you should still top it up constantly). Add ice cubes to keep the water cooler for longer and add mint to encourage the chickens to drink from the water source as they please.
    • Keep drinkers in the shade and inside and outside the coop.
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    Provide shade for your chickens. Shade is a priority for chickens on hot days. Whether it's under a tree, in the coop or through a bush chickens need shade to keep them cool. A lack of shade can cause heat stress or stroke.
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    Make sure the chickens can access their coop. This is an important source of shade and includes comfort for the flock. Make sure you have a well-ventilated coop with a breeze coming through so that it isn't humid inside.
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    Provide plenty of food. Give the chickens their normal diet during the summer and provide them with grass for a good source of nutrients. Also provide cold fruits with a source of water such as cucumber, watermelon, etc.
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    Provide sand for the chickens to dust bathe. Dust bathing is another way for chickens to keep clean and stay cool.

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