How to Take Care of a Doll

Dolls are just like people or real babies! This guide will tell you how love and take good care of your doll.


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    Name your dolly. Many dolls come with a name, but if you don't like it, you don't have to use it. Use your imagination!
    • If you like two names, put them together or use one as a middle name. For example: Ella-Jade Northman or Ella Jade Northman. Either way works.
    • Some possible names include:
      • Flower names, like Lily, Rose, Violet, or Poppy.
      • Names of your favorite characters, like Ariel, Jasmine, or Elsa.
      • Something that rhymes with your name, like Bailey (if your name is Hailey), Angeline (if your name is Christine), or Flora (if your name is Laura).
      • Something with the same first letter as your name, like Kayla (if your name is Kristen), Monica (if your name is Mary), or Ivy (if your name is Isabelle).
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    Buy clothes for your doll in toy stores or clothes stores. You could also try making your own. See How to Make Clothes for Your Doll.
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    Feed your doll every meal. Don't forget about lunch! This is very important, or you will end up with a very hungry dolly!
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    Share your toys with your doll. Dolls love playing with toys, so share with them as you would share with any of your friends.
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    Take good care of your doll during their first week at your home. Your doll might be very shy and scared about being in a new place, so make sure you sleep with her/him or put their bed next to yours. Sing them lullabies, read them their favorite book, and tuck them up. Never forget to give them a kiss and cuddle, or they will feel very sad and lonely, even if it's only for one night!
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    Pack everything your doll needs when going on a trip. If you are going on a long trip or on holidays, make sure you have everything your doll will need, especially clothes and food.
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    Introduce your doll to other dolls. Dolls love to have friends. So if your friends have dolls, pretend the dolls are chatting (or baby talking) and set up a Play Date. This is very cute and fun!
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    Take care of your doll if they get sick or hurt. Everyone gets sick or injured sometimes. try to make your doll feel better. You could pretend to take them to the doctor, or even be their doctor! If you are their doctor, they will feel more comfortable; they trust you more than anyone. Be as gentle as you can if you need to play doll hospital.


  • Give your doll lots of love and attention.
  • Buy clothes for your doll at the toy store, because human-size clothes are too big for most dolls.
  • To comb out tangles in a doll's hair, separate a small strand of hair at the bottom and gently tease the tangles out; work through the hair this way, but if the hair is matted, comb it from the bottom up or it might fall out!
  • Slightly wet the doll's hair to comb it.
  • Don't be rough; take care of it as if it's a real human.
  • Don't forget to give your doll a bath.
  • Love your doll.


  • If your doll is stuffed and soft and it's ripped, make sure someone stitches your doll. Stitching and sewing includes sharp items so make sure an adult helps you! You can even pretend to be at a doll doctor!
  • Some dolls' coloring may fade away if they are left in the sun.

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  • Clothes
  • Play food and play bottle
  • Cozy bed with a blanket
  • Toys

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