How to Take Action to Stop Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty injures and kills so many animals each year, and some people can't take it anymore. If you'd like to learn how to take action to stop animal cruelty, read on.


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    Become vegan or vegetarian. Why would you tell people you oppose animal cruelty if you ate a pig for breakfast? No one will think you're serious unless you show you're dedicated. This means not saying you're vegetarian and then sneaking pork rinds into your shirt. You can be vegetarian, but becoming vegan is even better because you won't be eating anything that has come from an animal, which prevents any chance of you supporting animal cruelty.
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    Encourage others to join you. If you don't have anyone supporting you, no one will take you seriously. You can gain supporters by hosting rallies, or writing a petition.
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    Host protests and rallies. Rallies can be held anywhere. But be aware: if you're protesting a method of service, make sure you're not on their property, or they can take legal action and call the police. But you are still allowed to protest near the service area, just as long as you're not on their property. For instance: if you were going to protest KFC, then you'd need to protest across the street from their restaurant. It can be anywhere as long as it's legal: a park, a concert, or across the street from a service that promotes animal cruelty. Have a lead organizer set up the date and the spot to protest, and get a lot of followers hyped up about the rally. An example of a failed rally is when only you and the organizer show up. Make sure beforehand that a lot of people are coming to protest, and that they're serious about it. If you make signs about animal cruelty, make a lot for the others, just in case they don't come prepared.
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    Support PETA. PETA is an association against animal cruelty. You can go to Peta2 and make an account there, where there are many other vegetarians and vegans willing to help the cause. The PETA sites regularly inform you of upcoming events, and send you updates on the fight against animal cruelty. You can encourage your friends to join the site too. And you can win points on the site by replying to forum posts, and with those points, you can get free anti-cruelty logos on things like stickers, pins, and buttons. You also can win points by convincing someone to become vegetarian or vegan. Donating to PETA greatly helps them in their quest to end Animal Cruelty.
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    Start a petition. Print out a few pages of numbered lines, and on the first page, write "STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY". You can carry this wherever you go, and continually ask people to sign it. But be aware that you won't be able to show these in restaurants that may serve meat, because they will think you could destroy some of their business. A good place to get signatures is at a park or rally, because these are regular places for petitions.
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    Be against animal testing. Many people have the spotlight on eating animals, whereas animal testing is just as big an issue. You can buy or make buttons that clearly state that you're against animal testing, and give them out to others.
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    Inform others. Many people are unaware of the hidden cruelty which is taking place every day. It's your job to end this. Hand out pamphlets that inform people of what's going on, and what they can do to stop it. If you want to make sure you don't waste your time giving people pamphlets who don't want them, ask people along the sidewalk if they're aware of what's happening. If they say no, hand them the packet explaining that it has everything they need to know. This is better than sticking it in people's mailboxes because you remain personal with everybody.
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    Letter writing. Write letters to your Congressmen and Senator on certain issues that you feel strongly about. You can also include copies of your petition to show the work and effort you put into the letter.


  • Be respectful to others, not everyone will see things the same way as you.
  • Hand out things like bumper stickers and buttons with anti-cruelty symbols.
  • Go door to door with a flier to stop animal cruelty.
  • Try communicating to people in your vicinity so that they can also understand things from your view since not every one thinks slaughtering animals for food and other purposes is cruelty.


  • Do not preach and/or demand for people to listen to you, because they won't. Seek to inform and persuade without acting morally superior. People quickly shut down if they feel that they are being attacked for their personal choices.
  • As the apostle Paul said "I make my self all things to all people for the sake of the gospel", the best way to get people to understand your message is to first understand and also see things from their view before persuading them and surely you will get a lot of people to understand you too.

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