How to Take Action to Save Wolves

Three Methods:Getting Involved DirectlySpeaking Up For WolvesDonating Money to the Cause

Wolves are one of the most beautiful, intelligent, and majestic creatures on Earth. Wolf populations are, however, under pressure. If you love wolves and want to take action to help protect them and their environments, there are a host of different ways you can do this. You can take hands on action by volunteering, or you can act as an advocate for wolves online and in person. If you have some spare cash you can make a donation to support a conservation and wildlife charity.

Method 1
Getting Involved Directly

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    Volunteer at a wolf sanctuary. A great way to help look after wolves, while raising awareness about the destruction of their natural environment, is to volunteer at a wolf sanctuary. Search online to see if there is one near you. You are more likely to find a local sanctuary if you live in a state that has wild wolves.[1][2]
    • Research the sanctuary and get in touch with them saying you’d like to volunteer.
    • Volunteer roles can be competitive, so you will have to show why you are a good choice.
    • Volunteering schemes can vary from evenings and weekends to placements where you are on site for a few weeks, perhaps over a whole summer.
    • Volunteers in sanctuaries will generally do a wide-variety of things, such as cleaning out enclosures, feeding the animals, working in the gift shop, and conducting tours.
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    Volunteer in the wild. If you would prefer to get out into the open country, there are a number of organisations that have volunteer programmes where you can do just that. Search for wolf preservation volunteering online and look for programmes that involve hiking or cycling in the country. You may camp and be asked to take photos of the environment, while acting as a positive spokesperson for wolves.[3]
    • You should understand that you are very unlikely to actually come into contact with any wolves.
    • You will most likely be tasked with maintaining the environment, assisting with daily jobs, and talking to visitors about wolves.[4]
    • This is a great way to experience the outdoors, meet new people, and help to save wolves all at the same time.
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    Help an organisation with their work. Another way to volunteer is to help an organisation with their office work, as well as their campaigning, fundraising and outreach work. Search for the offices of wolf and wildlife charities that you could travel to, and contact them. Explain what motivates you, and what skills and experience you have that can help.
    • Volunteers are vital for many charities, so don’t be shy about getting in touch.[5]
    • Volunteering like this can also be great way to develop all sorts of skills and experiences that help you develop.
    • It might not seem as exciting as being in a sanctuary or out in the country, but a successful campaign needs people in the office.
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    Attend an event or meeting. A great way to get involved in a movement to help protect wolves is to attend events and meetings that take place. There may be events locally that you can attend in order to hear people talking about the situation and what needs to be done. This is also a great way to meet people who know a lot about wolves and who can help you get more involved.
    • This may involve going to local Town Hall meetings, or other such events, and speaking up about the plight of wolves.
    • If your state has a lot of pressing issues to do with wolves, you may find debates and listening sessions about relevant legislation and regulation that you can attend.
    • Look on the websites of wolf charities for lists of upcoming events.[6]

Method 2
Speaking Up For Wolves

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    Talk to friends and family. You can become an advocate for the protection of wolves simply by talking to people you know and convincing them that action needs to be taken to help save wolves. If you convince people you know to sign a petition, contact their political representatives, make a donation to a wildlife protection charity, or volunteer their time to help wolves, you have single-handedly made a difference.[7]
    • If you don’t have much spare money or time, just raising awareness amongst people you know and meet is a good way to take action.
    • Be sure you know the facts and can make a strong argument before you start trying to get people on board.
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    Sign online petitions. A quick and easy way to show your support for the protection and preservation of wolves, is to sign an online petition. It is likely that there will be an active petition on one of the major online activism websites, such as or Search around online for petitions to help save wolves and sign up.[8][9]
    • If there is a specific threat to a wolf population, such as the Mexican Wolf, there may be specific petitions for this.
    • If you can’t find a petition you can always start your own.
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    Use social media to raise awareness. Social media has become a very popular way to try to raise awareness about causes, such as threats to wolves. If you have found an online petition or campaign you can support it by raising awareness through your social media accounts. Tweet, like and share information about campaigns to protect wolves to highlight the issues and encourage others to get involved.
    • Search for Facebook groups dedicated to promoting the protection of wolves and join them.
    • Look at the social media presence of key charities and organisations that work to protect wolves and see what “clicktivism” you can do to help.
    • You can use a hashtag to try to help an issue trend and receive more coverage. One popular hashtag is #savewolves.
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    Contact your political representatives. You can become a lobbyist for the protection of wolves by contacting your local political representatives and asking them to highlight the plight of wolves, and support any relevant initiatives and legislation. You can find the names and contact details of your political representatives via the official government website:
    • You can also get in touch with politicians in areas such as Minnesota where the wolf population is under threat.[10]
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    Contact overseas politicians. There are many parts of the world where wolf populations are in danger, and there is no reason why you should limit your advocacy to your home country. Online activism makes it easy to contact politicians all over the world and ask them to do all they call to help save wolves.
    • One example is the campaign to protect wolves in Lapland.
    • You can add your name to a statement criticising this and send it online.[11]

Method 3
Donating Money to the Cause

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    Donate to a wolf charity. You can help to save wolves by supporting the work of national wildlife organisations and charities. There are number of campaign groups whose sole purpose is on protecting wolves and raising awareness of their plight. You will be able to find a number of these groups just by search for wolf protections charities, and “save the wolf.”[12][13]
    • You can choose to donate however much you can afford and are comfortable with.
    • You may opt for a direct debit, or to join an organisation via annual subscription.
    • Joining an organisation often means you receive news and updates on their campaigns, so it will be easier to keep track of the situation.
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    Join an international wildlife charity. There are also plenty of international wildlife charities who you can donate to. Big groups like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have campaigns to protect wolves, so your donation can help make a difference. Research a few different organisations and choose the one most closely aligned to your views and priorities.
    • When you donate to a large wildlife charity, you won’t know what part of their work your money funds.
    • You may not be directly contributing the protection of wolves, but you will be helping support a charity that has a voice and can achieve a lot for wildlife.
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    Adopt a wolf. A fun way to donate to a campaign to save wolves is to adopt a wolf through an organisation, such as the WWF. The WWF have a wolf adoption scheme that you can participate in. You can choose different donation packages to “adopt a wolf.” Depending on how much you donate, $25, $55, $100 or $250, you will need a special wolf adoption pack.
    • The more you donate the more you get in your wolf gift pack.
    • The $25 pack gets you a photo of a wolf, an adoption certificate, and a species card.
    • If you donate more you will get a cuddly wolf toy, and your photo and certificate can be framed.[14]

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