How to Take Action to Phase out Smoking in Society

If you agree with the public ban on smoking in some indoor places and are a supporter of non-smokers' rights, there are many things you can do to help support it. Non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke not only infringes their rights to clean air, but is also a health issue.


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    Participate and convince others, even non-smokers who like to buy tobacco for special occasions, in a total boycott on tobacco products. Yes, in order for smokers to boycott, they must first quit. The tobacco companies will lose revenue if no one buys their products, thus taking away more and more of their power and advertising money. If you think "this store already bought them", if you buy cigarettes from them, they will run out faster and have to buy more cigarettes sooner, and you might look like an addict to them.
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    Write to your state legislators. Write a petition to ban smoking in the workplace, or where food is being served, or in the parks, or wherever you feel smoking should be banned that it hasn't yet. Or for more taxes on cigarettes. Since 90% of smokers started before age 21, raising the legal age limit for purchasing cigarettes would make sure people are more mature before they can make the decision of whether to start smoking or not. Or, if your state has already made a lot of progress to stop smoking, petition to ban smoking in at least some parts on the streets and in public - completely taking away the risk of secondhand smoke, which kills 3,400 people a year from lung cancer, over 20,000 with heart disease and causes illness in many more. If smoking is banned in restaurants, for example, smokers will just sit outside on a bench, smoke, and usually litter their butts even if an ashtray is within arm's reach. Have friends or family sit outside libraries, or post offices, and have the petition signed by hundreds of people. Make sure that this put on the ballot of the next election.
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    Start a protest somewhere, supporting some of the reasons listed in step 2. Even if they have the same amount of people as signers for a petition, protests can be more convincing.
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    Alert others of this marketing ploy; tobacco companies spend millions to put smoking in movies. Create a blog, write to newspapers, talk to your local TV news stations. Dissuade others from patronizing movies that contain smoking of any kind. Send emails to each production company. Never buy movies containing smoking.
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    Support recent local indoor smoking bans at restaurants and bars, if you are of age. Big Tobacco scares restaurant owners into thinking they will lose revenue if smoking is banned there, so that they are reluctant to ban it, but the tobacco industry only does it because they want their products to be able to be consumed anywhere. In fact, most profits actually go up once smoking is banned, and the place is healthier, so it would be hard to reverse the ban later. Go to the restaurant or bar, be a customer, and tell them you couldn't stand the smoke there before and wouldn't have been a customer now if smoking wasn't banned there.
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    Help smokers quit by giving them encouragement and telling them some gross fast facts they probably did not know about the health dangers of smoking.
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    Visit the schools and ask permission to post fliers on the bulletin boards to educate students of the dangers of smoking. Convince them to either not start smoking, or to quit if they already smoke. If you are really feeling brave, carry nicotine gum and hand it to every smoker you see. The vast majority of smokers want to quit, and they would be more than happy to try out nicotine gum that they got for free, what have they got to lose? Maybe hand them a few packs so they don't run out and start smoking again.


  • The number of smokers is still getting smaller, and you can do all you can to help speed that up. As of 2005 in the United States, 21% of adults over 18 smoke - down from the 42% in 1966. In California, the leading anti-smoking state, only 13% of adults smoke!
  • If one city tries out something new to restrict smoking and it goes well, other cities will follow. Big Tobacco will try to stomp out their efforts.
  • Bans rarely happen on a Federal level because of the pressure they get from tobacco lobbyists. First, start out by writing a letter to an establishment that permits smoking and request them to ban it. If they ban it and it goes well, the city might consider making a law, then the state, and so on.
  • Big Tobacco has many ears and eyes. Soon after you start campaigning for something to be smoke-free, they will usually stay hidden, but use one of their allies to discourage supporters, shift the focus of the problem from health to civil rights and freedom of choice (for secondhand smoke, NOT for smoking), create a sense of panic and confusion and make it look like doom and gloom once the law goes into effect. Click here to see Big Tobacco, all its tricks, front groups & allies, and false research exposed.


  • 95% of smokers know the dangers of smoking so if you tell them they will just become annoyed
  • Never use violence or threaten anyone who smokes. We still live in a Democracy, that gives everyone a right to their own choices.
  • Nicotine gum may be considered a "drug" by some school zero-tolerance policies. Know the policy in your school before carrying or distributing this item.
  • Show them the dangers of smoking, create your own campaign but never use force or coercion.

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