How to Take a Girl Home on the First Date

The first date with a girl you are interested in can be challenging for men with not much dating experience. You might be worried about how she perceives you. You might also worry how to get more privacy with her to escalate the interaction in the direction you would like or at least get to know her much more.

Many men are too safe and don't take risks. They are worried if they invite a girl back to their place the girl will reject the offer and he will feel embarrassed and lose any chance of consummating a relationship with his romantic interest. However, by taking risks such as these and leading the interaction you demonstrate you are a confident, assertive man who knows how to take the lead. That is how your date will see you as attractive and willingly go anywhere with you.


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    Don't worry about rejection. You should have a positive mindset and assume that of course your date is interested in you and would love to go home with you. If you assume the possibility that she would not, then rejection is much more likely. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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    Don't worry about offending her. Which do you think is more attractive, a man who is polite, hides all his real opinions about everything, worries he will make her angry, and every action he says and sentence he speaks is designed to make her have a positive image of him, or a man who confidently states his opinion, and says what he wants to say because he wants to? Obviously it's the more confident man who honestly states his opinion. For example, if she says she is studying Japanese, the unattractive, shy man would say, "Oh cool!" but he doesn't think it's cool! he just wants her to like him and it's obvious to her! It’s repulsive. However, the confident man might challenge her or make a joke about it, "why do you study that? You want to pick up Japanese guys?" The point is, the confident man says any joke or opinion because he wants to express himself and doesn't care what she thinks, and that is attractive. However, the shy man worries too much what she thinks about him and that worry prevents him from expressing himself and attracting her.
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    Date near your place. Now that we have an excellent mind-set ready to express ourselves honestly and confidently, we need to plan a date. Ideally meet near your place so it is within walking distance of wherever you plan to date with her.
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    Plan the date. The easiest date is to go to a cafe type venue, and get to know each other there, before taking her to your place after several hours of fascinating conversation. You could also take her to go play billiards, ice-skating, or some other activity that is also conveniently near your place. The second location is optional but it will help to build trust.
    • Plan a cooking date in which you go to the grocery store together, and cook a meal at your place with her. This sounds innocent and intriguing, so you could learn to cook a few interesting meals to prepare for a cooking date. If you live near the beach, you could take her surfing, and then take her back to your place to shower.
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    Sit next to her instead of across during dates. Sitting across from her is more like an interview, but next to is more intimate and feels more comfortable.
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    Avoid boring topics. You can engage in a little boring small talk to start an interesting conversation or build some rapport, but if there is no emotional spark in the conversation, you have no chance of building her attraction for you. Boring conversation comes from your fear that she will be offended to talk about what you want to talk about. Get to know her, ask her about her goals and childhood, but also ask her fun questions like what super power she wishes she had, and any interesting question you can think of.
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    Don't be afraid to talk about sexual topics. This probably the biggest reason a girl won’t be attracted enough in you to either go to your place or even go on a date with you. If you only talk about boring topics, you will be friend-zoned, or even acquaintance-zoned. When you talk about how many men she's kissed, and other more sexual topics, her brain associates you with sexuality and she can allow herself to be attracted to you. If you only talk about boring topics then she will only associate you with boring memories.
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    Avoid asking permission. Asking permission implies the possibility, you think she would reject you, and you are giving her the chance to reject you. Just tell her you want to go back to your place and she can come with you. If you need a reason you can make one, but it's not needed. Assume she will follow you and she will.

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