How to Take a Cat for a Walk

Taking your indoor cat for a walk can add new experiences to her life, as well as give her a work out to keep her fit and healthy. Taking her for a walk is also a fun way to exercise yourself too. This article will tell you how to do it safely.


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    Purchase a harness and leash. Do not use a collar because cats will probably manage to escape. Furthermore if a cat tugs on her collar it can damage her windpipe, whereas a harness will distribute the pressure more evenly, causing less damage.
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    After getting a harness you can put it on your cat. If she doesn't want to, just play, do not force her to wear it. It may take days, weeks or months before your cat will let you put his harness on and guide her with the leash.
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    Be patient. Most cats probably won't like being restrained or lead around by a mere human. Some cats will never let you put the harness on them without freaking out, and you should respect this. Never force the harness on a cat if it is having a fit.
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    Practise inside the house, then in your back garden/yard. Let your cat get used to it!
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    When you're both ready to go for your walk, attach the harness and leash to the cat and let your cat get used to being outside. If your cat is an indoor cat, it will be very different for her outside. Let her adjust to the new noises/smells/etc. Be prepared to sit with her and wait for her to be ready to walk.
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    Pace around with your cat for a while, until he or she is ready to walk.
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    Be careful that your cat doesn't come to harm from dangers such as traffic or dogs. Be ready to pick your kitty up and take her home if she is in danger or scared. Be sensible and take precautions such as carrying your cat across roads.
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    Have fun taking your new walking buddy around!


  • Patience is key!
  • You can even find harnesses and leashes in pretty colours and styles to match your cat's personality.
  • Make sure you have a tight grip, cats can pull and you don't want to lose your cat!


  • If the cat gets tired, hold her until she is ready to walk again.
  • Be careful of dogs and other animals. Even if the other animal wants to be friends, your kitty may be scared of them. Or your cat may want to play with a dangerous animal.
  • Carry him across roads! Traffic is very dangerous for any cat, especially indoor cats without street smarts.
  • Your cat may not want to be walked. Some cats just don't like being restrained by a harness and will not tolerate it. Respect that and it'll be easier for all involved.

Things You'll Need

  • A willing cat
  • Cat harness and leash

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