How to Tailgate at a Country Concert

If you have ever been to a country concert, you know nothing beats the pre-party, tailgate. Great music, delicious food and drinks, as well as good company is all you need to start your night off right. Start with step 1 for a few easy steps to having the greatest country tailgate party ever!


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    Create the perfect playlist. The first and possibly the most important factor to a great country tailgate party is having an awesome playlist. Seeing as you are surrounded by music lovers, you want to make sure you get them dancing and singing before the concert even starts.
    • Begin creating your perfect playlist three to five days before your tailgate. Send out a group text to all your friends that you plan on tailgating with asking them what kind of music they want to hear that day. Ask them for a minimum of five song suggestions. Take all of those suggestions and add them into your playlist.
    • Make sure that you have enough songs on your playlist to make it through the tailgate without a song repeating. Consider it an epic tailgate fail if the same ten songs repeat over and over again for two hours. If you plan on tailgating for two hours create a playlist one hundred and fifty minutes long. This is to ensure a quality listening experience to fellow tailgaters. This way, your friends are guaranteed to hear something that they can sing and dance along to during the duration of the tailgate party.
    • The perfect formula to a country tailgate playlist is listed below.
      • Start off with a classic song such as "Sweet Home Alabama," by Lynard Skynar
      • Followed by a friend's suggestion
      • Add in a popular song found on "The Top 40"
      • Followed by one of your personal favorites
      • Repeat
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    Play some games. What's a country music tailgate party without a few games? A bust! Make sure that you pack the classic tailgate games such as corn hole, kanjam, flip cup, beer pong, etc. Take into consideration three major factors when planning the games you will play at the tailgate party. How many people are you tailgating with? How much room do you have in your vehicle for game equipment? How much space will you have at your tailgate to play your games?
    • For example, if you're tailgating with twelve people and have three cars you have plenty of people, vehicle space, and lot space to bring a variety of different games. On the other hand of you're only tailgating with three people in one car your space both in your vehicle and in your lot will be limited. You always want to be considerate to neighboring tailgaters. Do not invade other tailgater’s space without asking. Either get creative with your own space or make friends with your neighbors.
    • Do not be pushy. Most tailgaters at country concerts have the same goal and will be willing to share some space if they can join in with the festivities. When playing games, make sure that you’re a good sport. Someone who gets too competitive during a tailgate party becomes a quick annoyance and buzz kill.
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    Dress to impress at the tailgate. Old concert shirts, flannels, cowboy boots, fringe, rhinestones; it all works! Wear what you feel comfortable and confident in. Part of the fun at a country concert tailgate is getting to dress in country attire. Sassy lyrics on shirts such as "Mama tried" or "Bound by wild desire" are fun and classic. Past concert shirts are great conversation starters. It's also important to dress for different weather conditions. Bring a sweatshirt in case it gets chilly at night and buy a cheap poncho from any convenience store in case of rain.
    • Always consider your comfort when dressing for a tailgate party. New boots are cute but the blisters you will have the next day are not. If you're confident in what you’re wearing as well as prepared for all weather conditions you will most certainly heighten your tailgate experience.
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    Have the right types of drinks at your tailgate party. If you are dancing to great music and playing games, you are sure to get thirsty.
    • For drinks make sure to have a balance of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. One rule of thumb is to make sure you always have at the least one case of bottled water. Country concerts tend to be in the summer. You do not want anyone to get dehydrated and not be able to make it into the concert. You will also need a few two liters of pop for your mixed drinks.
    • Things may get tricky when it comes to alcohol. The best way to make sure everyone is drinking their preferred drink is to make your tailgate party “BYOB” or “bring your own beer.” Individuals are responsible for the amount and type of alcohol that they want to consume at the tailgate. Make sure everyone knows to bring their own coolers; this will save the hassle of someone’s drinks getting mixed up and taken.
    • It’s smart to have a cork screw, and bottle opener in your vehicle just in case someone forgets to bring one. If you plan on drinking mixed drinks you should bring a tumbler glass with you. Seeing as most tailgates are outdoors you want to avoid any bugs getting into your drink.
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    Consider food and whether you're going to cook. If you plan on grilling at your tailgate, bring a small portable grill. A smaller grill will take up less room on your lot and is perfect for grilling simple items such as hotdogs, hamburgers, and sausages. If you plan to grill don’t forget your condiments. Keep them in your cooler.
    • If this seems to be too much of a hassle you can bring trays of pizzas or subs to share at the tailgate. Sometimes this is easier because it creates less of a mess. Make sure if you are supplying the major food staple that the other tailgates bring snacks such as chips, dips, fruit plates, and other items to munch on through the tailgate.


  • If you can follow these four suggestions you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful country concert tailgate experience. Have a great tailgate and enjoy the show!!!

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