How to Tackle Like a Pro

Here is how to tackle. It is pretty simple. Just read this and work on it.


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    After reaching your opponent, break down and hit as low as possible. Keep your head up so you know where your opponent is and you don't let the runner juke you. Keeping your head up also 'locks' your helmet into your shoulder pads and help to prevent neck injuries. Breaking down is a lot like coiling and striking similar to the way a rattlesnake strikes.
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    Try to wrap up as low as possible, preferably at the legs. If you don't break down first, you won't be able to get a nice low tackle. If you don't wrap up, unless you are considerably larger than the person you are trying to tackle, they will get away from you - it's their job. A one arm grab isn't a tackle and most likely will just spin you around and make you look silly.
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    The next thing is drive - keep your feet moving and your legs pumping. Try to pick them up if you can (using your legs like you do when you squat at the gym), a back can't run if their feet aren't on the ground. If you can't lift them up then continue to drive as hard as you can until help arrives.


  • Hit them as hard as you can - this is a contact sport - you can bet they will hit you as hard as they can.
  • These instructions result in a picture perfect tackle, which in reality, happens infrequently. You would love to get a perfect tackle every time but the most important thing is to get the tackle any way that you can.


  • When you are wrapped up and are driving them, make sure it is not in the direction of the endzone.
  • If you tackle with your head down, you can get a concussion.
  • Don't hit with the top of your head - your helmet is not a weapon and you'll get a stupid penalty called on you as a result. Your teammates will not be happy.

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