How to Swim a Fast 50 Meter Freestyle

This Article will explain how to swim a perfect 50 Meter Freestyle in a competitive race.


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    Mental Preparation: One thing that helps in a race, is preparing your mind for the race. You should usually replay a perfect race multiple times in mind before hand, so you know what should be done. Stressing out before a race will not help you, but you wil find that thinking that you have the best chances at winning, will help a lot. One more thing to do is , is listen to a good pump up song before you get up to the block. Just choose songs that you enjoy! Some suggestions are as follows:
    • Bad Guy (The last verse) - Eminem
    • Can't C Me - 2Pac
    • Worldwide Choppers - Tech N9ne
    • Let's Roll - YelaWolf
    • If I Can't - 50 Cent
    • Heat - 50 Cent
    • Detroit Vs Everybody - Eminem
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    Healthy Eating and Exercise Habits: It is important to also be physical prepared for the race. A good combination of Protein, Diary, Fruits and Vegetables consumed a few days previous to race day will make for a good swim. Also, apart from swim practice, dryland practices are very important for maintaining a good body composition.
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    The Dive: A good dive can take off up to three seconds from your swim. A dive not too shallow but also not too deep, is exactly what your looking for. Also practice a tight streamline, and making sure your legs stay together up until the point where they submerge under the water.
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    The Kickout: If your kickout is not strong, then the whole dive was almost pointless. A swimmer is at its fastest speed as he/she dives through the water. To keep the momentum, a strong 5-7 fast, strong kicks, will keep the speed.
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    Technique: A few tips for the technique of your stroke...
    • Keeping your head still, looking down
    • Fast, consistent kicks
    • Long, but quick movement of arms
    • No slowing down as you approach the wall
    • Fast Flip turn, get off the wall as soon as possible!
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    Breathing: A 50 Meter Freestyle is a quick race, and there should be a limited amount of breathes. It is recommended to take 2 breathes throughout the entire swim, with one about two strokes before the flags on the first 25, and the last, about halfway down the pool on the second 25. Breathes should be quick, with minimum movement of the head.
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    The Finish: The last 10 meters of your race should consist of no breathes, fast kicks and fast movement of the arms. You should picture yourself as if you are in second for the Olympic finals, and the person in first, is only about an arms length in front of you. This last portion of the swim should be all you have left. Remember "If you feel like your going to die, good, but do it after the race".

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