How to Swallow Multiple Pills

Gagging on single pills is hard enough. Knowing how your mouth and throat works makes doing single or multiple pills simple and trouble free.


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    Know how your mouth and throat work. Try something simple. Take something you like to drink (not alcohol) and take a few big gulps. While you're doing this try to notice how your mouth creates a large globule of fluid, rolls it along the tongue and sends it down the throat. If you take a few bites of food you'll find it does the same thing. This is called a globus, a globular (rounded) clump of something (also called a bolus). This is natural and how you swallow almost everything.
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    Look at the diagram of the tongue in the mouth cavity. It's different than similar drawings you'll see because it's showing how the tongue is positioned just at the beginning of a swallow. The middle of the tongue is pulled toward the back slightly and depressed into the bottom of the mouth. The tip is pushed up behind the front bottom teeth and curled slightly to create a dip or pocket in the front of the tongue.
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    As you swallow, the contents of the frontal pocket is rolled to the back of the mouth and dumped down the throat.
    • Why do people have problems swallowing pills? Because they try to do it unnaturally. They try to put the pill on the back of the tongue to get it closer to the throat. WRONG!! This is what causes the gag reflex in most people.
      1. Try a simple experiment.
      2. Put the tip of your finger on the front 1" of your tongue. Does that make you gag?
      3. Now put the tip of your finger on the back of your tongue. GAG!!!
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    When it's time to swallow one or more pills start with a good size swallow of water to wet the mouth and throat and to prepare for the next swallow.
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    Put the pill or pills on the tip of your tongue, just behind the front bottom teeth with your tongue cupped as shown.
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    Start taking big gulps of your drink. You'll be amazed at how fast and easy they go down. You'll also be amazed at how big a pill you can swallow. It usually only takes about one good gulp and you're done. If you make the gulps big and fast. you won't have time to gag. The pills will be gone.


  • It takes a little practice, but you will get them all down on one or two swallows - no gagging.
  • FUN KID'S GAME - Teach them to swallow pills because their parents are probably having problems with it. You might try the best part at the end to practice. You'll need a small bowl, candy M&Ms, some straws, a single die (one of a pair of dice), and a watch.
    • Put a cup or so of plain and/or peanut M&Ms in a bowl. Give each contestant a straw. One person keeps time on the watch and signals the end of 3 minutes (can be 4 or 5 also). Each person rolls the die in turn. If it's an odd number, nothing happens and the die is passed to the next person. If it's even, the bowl of candy is given to the person who rolled the even number and the die is passed to the next person. The die keeps circulating as fast as possible. The bowl will only pass to the next even roller when an even number is rolled.
    • While a person has the bowl they use their straw to suck up as many candies out of the bowl and drop them in their pile as they can. They can only use suction through the straw to pick up "pills". After doing this a couple of times the games reaches a climax. The "pills" are counted to see who is ahead.
    • Anyone who wants to can increase their count with a simple process. They swallow as many "pills" as they can with a drink without chomping on them at all. They can only swallow as many as they have in their pile. If they ate some during the game, they can't count them for a score and obviously can't swallow them. The one with the highest number is the final winner. By the way, the game is called "Suck Up".

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