How to Survive Your Boyfriend's Sports Game

Ok, some of us just don't like watching basketball games! If your boyfriend plays sports and you want to support him, here's how to get through the experience.


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    Try to wear your boyfriend's team's colours. For example, if they are blue and gold, wear a blue t-shirt of yours. It easily makes you look like you've put some effort into it and support him.
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    Know your boyfriend's number. You need to be able to spot him and all the fantastic plays he is doing.
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    At least attempt to watch the game. Nothing is more embarrassing than being at school the next day and having no clue what your boyfriend is talking about because you weren't watching!
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    It's ok to not always pay attention to the game if it's not his shift. Go for a quick walk, get a drink, or go talk to someone you know when he's not playing. It's also ok to discretely play with your phone--but don't accept calls, unless it's an emergency. In that case, you should quietly leaves the crowd, and talk in private.
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    Talk to his parents if you're comfortable with them, but try to avoid distracting them while he's playing--that's the point of going to his game!
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    Cheer if he makes a basket, but don't be annoying. It's ok--and preferable--not to scream your head off yelling for him! It can be distracting and embarrassing.
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    Give him a big hug at the end and tell him what a good job he did, but don't overdo it--especially if he lost.


  • Don't ignore his parents if they say hi. This is the number one thing. You want to make a good impression, right?
  • Don't be annoying. Turn your cell phone on to vibrate, don't throw popcorn on people's heads, and don't be too loud.
  • Don't go overboard cheering. This can distract them or even worse, embarrass you and make him not want to be seen with you.

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