How to Survive French Class

Ok, you decided to take French as a second language. You either know Spanish, or are waiting for French to bring you new, European connections. Then you find out it isn't so great. Your French teacher is mean, the material is hard, and you feel intimidated by the superior abilities of your classmates. Here is a clever guide on how to survive French Class.


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    Act like you would in any class. Act respectfully, responsibly, and do not be loud. Most teachers hate that.
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    Pay very close attention to the first material you learn, because this will be the basis for a lot of things (especially the numbers and alphabet).
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    Participate! You can take part and be active in the classroom by volunteering answers and raising your hand when the teacher asks the class a question to see if you were listening. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you are confused. It does not make you look dumb, it shows the teacher that you were listening and want to learn.
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    Take notes in class. Write down the things you want to remember, and the important main ideas. Do not write down every single word the teacher says. Write neatly and put the date so you can easily review your notes later.
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    Work on your accent continuously. The language teacher will like it if you use your French skills and mix it with your accent. Listen to how the teacher pronounces words.
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    Do not be a know-it-all. Some teachers like a student that will progress, not one that stays at the top all the time and answers every question, stripping other classmates of opportunities to learn.
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    Work on accent marks. Any person that learns a second language knows that accent marks are a pain. Do not stress over where an accent mark goes, just try to see correlations between how a syllable is pronounced, and the accent effecting its pronunciation. Once you make the sound-accent connection, accents are not difficult.
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    Realize that tests and quizzes might be a daily thing in your class. If you know the stuff pretty well, studying may not be a huge responsibility, but you should review daily. If you do not know your material, step it up in class.
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    Work well with the other classmates around you. Help them and ask to be helped, you might even make friends.
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    Understand that if you continue taking a foreign language class throughout middle school, high school, and even college, it will become progressively more difficult.
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    Always do your homework. Not only is this essential to getting good grades, it will give you practice and help you understand the material better.
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    Study. This will help your brain remember the things you learned. Study even if there isn't a quiz or test coming up. Read in a textbook, review your notes, use any study guides you have.
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    If you ever get the chance, Visit France! This will help you SO much.
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    If you know someone who has actually LIVED IN France, you are very lucky! Ask them questions if you are confused, and ask them how your accent is and how you can improve.


  • Listen to tapes and watch TV shows and internet shows in the language you are taking. If you hear the language in its natural environment, you will be able to understand it in the real world.
  • Turn in extra credit. It's simple. Just ask the teacher for an extra assignment.
  • Practice your foreign language everywhere you can. If you are bored, look at text around you and silently translate it into your language into your head, at least the words you know. Speak the language in the shower.


  • This is mainly for school kids and teenagers, so some of these tricks may not work for adults.
  • French is easy and you should enjoy it whatever you do!

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