How to Survive Christmas Eve and Morning (for Kids)

Five Parts:Christmas Eve DayChristmas Eve NightChristmas Morning6 to 8 AM8 to 10 AM

Ever wondered how to pass time on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? It can seem like forever, especially if you're young! Here are some simple and easy tips on surviving Christmas Eve and Morning.

This article is meant for children aged 12 and under.

Part 1
Christmas Eve Day

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    Enjoy the day just like any other. Watch TV, play video games, do whatever you can to make it feel like a regular day. The night is when it gets hard!

Part 2
Christmas Eve Night

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    Eat a nighttime snack, and use the bathroom before bed. (Even if you don't normally do that.)
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    Turn out all of the lights. If you are afraid of the dark plug in one small night light next to your bed.
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    Follow bedtime routine. Put on your pajamas, (maybe your best pajamas since it's Christmas Eve) brush your teeth, read a book/watch a movie, and have your mom/dad/older sibling tuck you in.
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    If you sleep with a sibling and they can't fall asleep either, then talk about your day. Also, ask about theirs but don't talk about how excited you are or neither of you will fall asleep. Start talking about their favorite book/person/color/team - anything to get them asleep.
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    Think calmly as you sleep. When you are ready to go to sleep, think calming thoughts until you drift away to sleep.

Part 3
Christmas Morning

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    Wake up. Since you're a kid, you'll most likely wake up at 4-6 a.m. If you are allowed to open your stocking, tiptoe to the living room (or wherever Santa puts your things) and open it.
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    Look through it and look for something to keep you busy. If you find one, use it!
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    If your sibling is awake with you, one of you should get a small game, like Santa tic tac toe. Then play it or play a quiet board game you already have, even better if you have a DS or other hand-held system you can meet up.
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    If you don't have a sibling or they aren't awake yet, draw, play a 1 player game, or play a DS by yourself.
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    If you have a pet and they have presents you made them under their own little tree (not under yours!) help them open them and maybe film them and make a mini movie for family members to see. Just make sure you do this very softly and not loud.

Part 4
6 to 8 AM

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    Get ready for the rest to wake up! If you are allowed/instructed to fix your own breakfast, do so. Then brush your teeth, put on your Christmas clothes, and comb your hair. If you aren't allowed, watch TV or continue to play games. Then when they make you breakfast start getting ready to open presents.

Part 5
8 to 10 AM

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    Hang in there. Getting hyper yet? Hang on, it's almost time! Now that you are looking your best, have someone take a picture/videotape you. Once everyone is video taped and there is nothing else you need to do, it's time to open presents! To wait, (until it's your turn to open your presents) just watch whoever is opening their gifts now. If you are jealous, maybe you will get one too. When its your turn rip, rip, and rip!
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    Carry your opened presents to your room and review them. If you got a ton then have someone help you.
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    If you made it this far congratulations! Pat yourself on the back and use your presents!


  • Do not look at the clock. It will make the time go more slowly! If you are so anxious to see what time it is, check it on your phone. If you do this, you can glance at the time and go play a game on it.
  • Try not to watch anything related to Christmas. Instead of watching Christmas marathons, try to watch everyday shows. Try to discover a new series on TV and watch that. Alternatively, maybe a dose of fun Christmas cheer shows is just what you need to pass the time. What works for one may not work for the other; don't feel hemmed in by all this advice.
  • Exercise. It passes time and it would make you feel good about your body.
  • Play with your pet. Pets entertain you a lot, and it can pass time.
  • Hang on tight. If you follow the schedule at night that's cool because the hardest part is falling asleep. Read the link if you generally have a hard time falling asleep because believe it or not its the hardest night of the year to fall asleep.
  • Don't drink caffeine. It will keep you awake all night.
  • Do not set an alarm to wake you up. It will probably wake up other family members.


  • Once someone tucks you in, don't get out of bed! If you have to do something, do it before bed. For example, go to the bathroom, grab a stuffed animal, get a glass of water, etc.
  • Don't try to wake up early. If you wake up any earlier than 4 AM, just try your best to fall asleep.

Things You'll Need

  • Snacks
  • Nightlight if you are afraid of the dark
  • Movie or book
  • DS or other handheld system
  • Board game

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