How to Survive Cheer Try Outs

Cheer tryouts are long and stressful! Here are the keys to making it through tryouts...


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    Always be positive! Keep in mind that you can do anything you put your mind to.
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    Try your hardest! Never just "half-way" cheer or dance. Always practice like it's tryout day.
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    Enroll a couple months before the tryout in classes for dance and gymnastics. Any kind of dance is fine but cheer dance is recommended; gymnastics should include tumbling - that's the skill that most cheerleaders take.
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    If you're not willing to give your best, don't even bother showing up.
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    Practice, practice. When you learn the cheer that will be performed at tryouts, practice!
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    Don't have a "meltdown". It is true sometimes dances are too complicated, if they are, just try your BEST! However if you let them see you sweat, they will know you will always "crack under pressure". (No one wants a highly emotional, about to have a meltdown at any second cheerleader.)
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    Be kind to everyone trying out with you! You never know if they might make the squad with you, and when it comes time to vote for cheer captain, they might think "Well, she was rude to me at tryouts, I wouldn't want her for a captain."
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    Always smile if you show weakness they WILL eat you alive! Always be happy! NEVER think negative. ALWAYS think positive.


  • Jump, Jump, Jump. Jumps are very important! You should stretch every night to give your jumps more height. To get even higher jumps, do push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. If you keep doing this and stretching, jumps will get very high.
  • Practice while you are waiting to go in front of the judges, every second counts!
  • Practice your butt off! You will not make it if you don't fully commit!!
  • If you mess up just keep smiling and continue where you left off
  • Not a dancer? Always smile and make your motions sharp, and that will count more than your ability to actually dance.
  • You should also have experience in dance or gymnastics. If you don't,you should watch YouTube videos that can help you with flexibility.
  • If you don't make the team it's not the end of the world. Cheerleading should not be ahead of schoolwork, and there is always next year!
  • Make sure to look your best.


  • Never practice jumping, cheer, or dance without stretching! You might pull a muscle or even sprain something, and if you really want to be a cheerleader you want to do as well as possible at tryouts.

Things You'll Need

  • water
  • snacks
  • something to keep you relaxed, (ex. iPod)
  • tennis shoes (preferably cheerleading sneakers)
  • A cute outfit and hairstyle to keep you confident in front of the judges.
  • maybe a school mascot on your cheek.

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