How to Survive at wikiHow

If there's a problem, there's a solution. wikiHow is a community of writers and editors that want to help the rest of the world solve their problems. The community is vast and diverse, and you are bound to run into someone who doesn't share the same opinions as you. A good wikiHowian knows how to compromise and work together as a creative team to make the best article possible. If you keep an open mind, you can make a big impact.


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    Read the basic articles as suggested on our {{Welcome}} message.
    • Policies provide great reinforcement.
    • Improve your skills at your own pace.
    • Tip: Read before jumping in.
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    Empower yourself with good intention.

    • Become a responsive, collaborating member to gain rapport and trust.
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    • Tip: We work together and are eager to help!
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    Be aware of clashing personalities and writing styles.
    • Take the chance to learn something new.
    • Learn to give and take in return in a respectful way.
    • Tip: Learn from the exchange of ideas.
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    Explore the powers of your imagination.

    • Suggest adventurous improvements. Just do it!
    • Others may benefit from your knowledge.
    • Tip: Everyone is eager to learn.
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    Don't worry if your article is tagged for improvement.
    • We add and delete every day.
    • Understand that your edits will be rewritten and modified.
    • Tip: Every editor strives to improve wikiHow.
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    Try not to take things personally.

    • It may be your original idea, but someone is bound to improve upon it.
    • Learn to go with the flow.


  • For questions, contact the Help Team or an Admin.
  • Review your previous edits to learn from common mistakes.
  • Read and write for personal enjoyment, or join a project or team.
  • Review several Edit pages and syntax for a better understanding.

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