How to Survive a Long Plane Ride

Being confined in a small space for a long time can be incredibly stressful. Here's how to make time fly - whilst you fly!


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    Comfort: Some airlines give out blankets and pillows, however it's not in their best interest to clean them thoroughly, so to avoid any unwanted germs take your own. Special travel pillows can be bought from supermarkets.
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    When you're at a high altitude your ears may 'pop'! To prevent this, you could chew gum or candy.
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    Entertainment: Even though you may get incredibly bored you still have to respect the other passengers, so bring headphones to keep the noise private. iPods are great, as on some models you can play films as well as music! If you're lucky your plane may even have provided TVs for you.
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    Health: It's important that you stay as healthy as possible on the plane or you will feel terrible when you get to your destination. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. If you are not a fan of water try a sport/energy drink. Try to stay away from alcohol. Some airlines provide food for you but don't bet on it. Pack some of your own food if you have certain requirements. However, remember to stick to the restrictions.
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    Every hour or so go to the bathroom, even if you don't need to go. Get up and walk down the aisles every hour or so. You can freshen up and also stretch your legs.
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    Change your watch to the time zone you will be going to. Try to live by that time, for example, sleep if it's their nighttime. If you look at your watch regularly, the time will seem like it is going slower, so just have a nap or sink into a good book and let the time pass.
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    If you want to take a nap, try to read VERY boring stuff on newspapers you get from boarding gates, and read sections like politics. You may eventually fall asleep by the time you finish a few paragraphs!


  • If you have any electronic entertainment, make sure it is fully charged. You can get an extra charged laptop battery if you have a 3-4 hour charge laptop.
  • Some companies don't give out food. If you are likely to get hungry, bring some chocolate or granola bars. Make sure you don't bring something that is not allowed, because many things (even sometimes water) will be confiscated.
  • If you get headaches easily or have air sickness, bring some pain medications, such as ibuprofen or naproxen.
  • Bring entertainment.
  • Don't pack too heavy. It will be hard to find something specific in a bag full of stuff when you don't have much room.
  • Try to sit on the sides or next to the window. Aisle or Bulkhead can work too.
  • Watch a movie.
  • Try bringing a book, coloring book, iPod, magazine, portable DVD player, games (beware of pieces or cards spilling!), iPad, headphones, blanket, and a bag full of plane goodies.


  • Don't eat too much before entering the plane. Try to have as least food as you can if not you will be stuck in a plane a 1000 ft in the air with your tummy ache.

Things You'll Need

  • iPod (or some form of entertainment)
  • Book
  • Gum/Candy
  • Blanket and pillow ( the special soft ones for traveling)
  • Earplugs ("Ear Planes" are the best)
  • Hand sanitizers( to keep clean )
  • Food (anything with a light smell and without onions or other unpleasant smelling vegetable)
  • Water (bought from the airport or filled up AFTER security)

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