How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

The labor involved in a new kitchen may be a huge undertaking, but the remodel doesn't have to disrupt your life. There are a number of ways that you can survive a kitchen remodel. Just remember to take the situation in your stride and imagine your new kitchen for motivation.


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    Discuss and make a note of the project stages with your contractor so you have an idea of the process. Then keep a record of the progress for your own sanity. Take pictures, and check off the stages of the remodel as they are completed. This way you will have an idea of how long the renovations will take and if things are not going as discussed, you can question it. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel makes it easier to endure a kitchen renovation. Plus you will have a cool record of the transition from old to new.
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    Prepare for the big dig by cooking meals beforehand and freezing them. Portion them specifically for your family size so there is no wastage. Have your fridge brought to your new kitchen location or somewhere near by so you are not maneuvering through the danger zone at meal times.
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    Decide on where you will be setting up a temporary kitchen while your remodel takes place. If possible, choose a location with a sink. Whether you decide on your basement or a utility room, ask your contractor to leave you a couple of old cabinets to store a few necessary items and set up a working counter top. A microwave, toaster, coffee maker, and a few other small appliances should suffice while your regular kitchen is out of commission.
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    Collect coupons for local restaurants and eateries in advance of the model. There will be times when you don't want to deal with your limited kitchen. Make a list also of inexpensive restaurants in the area so that you don't go bust eating out. Surviving kitchen remodeling means a lot of advance preparation.
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    Ask to borrow a kitchen in exchange for a meal, if you cannot deal with the temporary version, you've run out of coupons, or you just want a fresh home cooked meal. Contact a friend or family member for the use of their kitchen. Tell them you will bring the ingredients and feed them a meal if they let you use the kitchen and utensils. You could even prepare more freezer items if you are running out. Just make sure to clean up and wash everything you used when you are done.
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    Make a list of places that you can retreat to when you cannot stand the sights and sounds of construction and you need a break from the kitchen makeover stress. This may be a calming room in your home, a friend or family member's home, a park, or a local coffee shop.
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    Be patient and understand that a kitchen remodel is going to be a long process. When you feel like you are going to get frustrated, think about how great it will be when your kitchen is complete.


  • If possible, schedule your kitchen remodel during the summer season so you can take advantage of the BBQ grill.

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