How to Survive a Freaky Roller Coaster

So you get tickets to Cedar Point. You think it will be fun. Until you see the Dragster. Uh-oh. Before you freak yourself out about going on that "Oh-so-crazy ride", read this and you'll be happy to have gone on.


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    DO NOT go on alone. Have a friend that is just as scared as you or someone who has been on before.
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    Get in line. Once you're in line you can always turn back. Ask people what they think about the ride. Keep thinking "I will not turn back. I can do this." Try not to watch the ride moving. It will appear faster than it feels while riding.
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    Talk to your friend about how fun the ride will be. Don't talk about how scared you are or how you think you're going to die.
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    Pick the best seat for you. When you see the line is coming to an end you have to pick a seat. In most cases, the middle is the least scary because you can't see much of the drop like in the front and it doesn't feel super fast like in the back.
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    Strap yourself in as fast as possible. Once you're in it's inconvenient to have the ride operators undo your restraint. Now you can relax and close your eyes as you ascend up the hill.
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    Do not panic. Once you are in you can't get out but that shouldn't bother you. Think of funny moments and everything you've accomplished in life. This will take your focus off going up the hill. If this ride is like the top thrill dragster where you don't go up a hill slowly then think of this stuff while waiting for it to shoot off.
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    Don't prepare yourself and hold your breath whilst it goes up, or when waiting, just relax and keep your breaths even.
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    Hold on tight! Hold on wherever it feels the safest or wherever you're instructed to hold on. If you're very scared, holding on is the best option.
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    It's over. You either hated it or you loved it. If you hated it, at least you don't have to spend your life wondering what it could have been like. If you loved it, get back in line and go in the front row!


  • Scream! This will lessen the stomach drop feeling and distract you of your fear.
  • Wooden coasters are made to shake, squeak, and bend. That's part of the thrill.
  • Don't think you're about to die on this ride. Roller Coasters are designed to be safe and the manufacturers spend millions perfecting the technology. When people die on a roller coaster, it's not because it's wooden or old. People die because they do irrational things, such as removing their restraints or going on when they have a health condition.
  • Always follow ALL the directions from the staff. It could save your life.
  • Stop thinking of the bad things and have fun
  • Sit with a friend or family member. They'll make you feel better. If your going alone, try to talk to the person next to you before you go. Say "Any last words before we die?" or something like that. It will make you feel better.
  • When going down big drops, hold onto the handles tightly and lean back against your seat.
  • Don't ask someone who works there what it's like. They can only say a few scripted things to you. They tell you what's on the warning sign.
  • Close your eyes on the way up and the drop. No more than that. If you close your eyes on a roller coaster with tons of loops you can get very sick.
  • Watch the ride before you go on to know what you are up against.
  • On wooden coasters, plant your feet firmly on the ground or push your feet against the seat in front of you. This lessens the shaking.
  • Singing something fun during the ride sometimes helps. No one will notice because they're all too busy screaming.

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