How to Survive a Delay (Air Travel)

Oh no, a storm is brewing just before your flight and it is likely you will get a delay! What can you do? You have young kids screaming, it is in the late hours of the night and you're tired or is in the early hours of the morning, so you're still tired. Your patience is ready to break, since the delay is longer than you first expected. Don't worry, this will help you survive.


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    Think positive. You must that it may be testing your patience, you need a break and really cannot wait those extra hours to get on your even longer flight, but think positive. You are safe and if they let the plane take off, it is more likely you could be injured. You're not alone.
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    Understand. Realise that you're not the only one at the airport. You flight being delayed is only one in the chain reaction. One delay will cause the flights after that to be delayed too. Remember there are hundreds of other people there too. They might need to be at their destination at a certain time, they might need to go a wedding, a funeral or they could have a job over there and they need to start their shift soon. Understand how everybody else is feeling, greet some of them and comfort them. They probably have more to lose than you, maybe a job, a friend or it could be their last chance to see a loved one.
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    Entertain yourself. At airports, they usually have some forms of shops. Buy some tea for your family and you. They have a KFC, Burger king, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, or other food places at most airports for kids. At larger airports like Manchester, they have proper restaurants where you can sit down with a menu. After that, buy some last minute clothing items, get a colouring book for little ones, a book for you etc.
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    Be prepared. Depending on how long the delay is, you may need to sleep. Meaning go to the shops and buy a blanket or something to put over you or your kids. If you're lucky, there might be a hotel nearby you could stop in, but this is risky. You never know if the delay will be shortened and you may miss the flight.
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    Stock up. Buy some food for the plane to keep you busy during those long hours you need to wait. The plane food (if you get an in-flight meal) is normally repulsive. Stock up.
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    Check and search. Carry on checking on the board if anything changed about the flight. Then, ask people nearby or any airport workers if they know maybe why the flight was delayed. Keep informed on what is going on.
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    Re-check. Make sure you know all the details of the hotel. Make sure you have the right currency. Just double check everything to keep you busy and prepared.
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    Relax. Sit back and don't tense up about the delay. Communicate with others. Talk. Just have some you time and maybe go over rules with your child. If you're going to a foreign country, the customs may be different. Make your child aware.


  • Stay calm.

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