How to Supplement Your Diet with Omega Acids

Understand that new cell production in your body requires Omega-3 (and cholesterol) for healthy, permeable cell walls; your hereditary diet included Omega-3 fat typically in a 1:1, or balanced, proportion to Omega-6. The American diet has altered this to more like 1:20. Omega 9 can be produced from Omega 6, and is not considered "essential". We'll look at Omega 3~6~9 supplementation in this article, as its reported effects seem to be somewhat distinct from Omega 3 supplementation~you are now taking all 3 of these oils in an ideal combination.


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    See why you should supplement with Omega 3~6~9. Most Americans, at least, are vastly disconnected from their hereditary (grass~fed beef and chickens, eggs, cold water fatty fish) sources of Omega 3. If your body isn't getting enough Omega 3, it is going to be sending you "hunger" signals constantly.
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    Seek the best source of Omega 3~6~9, as per the directions in Choose Fish Oil Supplements. With the understanding that any is better than none (and, that there are more sources of Omega 3 than just fish oil, although it is largely preferred).
    • It never hurts to vary your sources, and probably the cheapest way to supplement with Omega 3~6~9, other than a powdered, whole~food vitamin, is to take cod liver oil, and use olive oil daily.
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    Understand that taking Omega 3~6~9 (which is available as one capsule) will feel like "speed", with none of the ill effects in the proper dosage. This stuff is powerful, and label directions should be followed.
    • Caffeine impact will be affected, as per label directions, when included with Omega 3~6~9.
    • The recommended dosages on the label are typically pretty high unless taken with a fatty food, which will ameliorate heart "flutters"; this stuff is best taken with a good breakfast, especially at first.

      As indicated on the label, if you take this too late in the day, you won't sleep that night. There is an adjustment period for many people; thinner people seem to notice more pronounced effects, and Omega 369 will help normalize the weight of skinny people, also.
      1. A dim memory, now, is not sleeping great the first few nights in transitioning onto this stuff, period~and, feeling so juiced otherwise, it didn't matter! In a year, you'll be able to gulp a cap down right before bed, and sleep like a baby.
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    In the absence of sufficient Omega-3, your body will use whatever it can, resulting in poor cell wall formation. If your cells can't "breathe" well, nutrients can't get in as well, and waste can't get out, resulting in greatly reduced health. Mitochondrial output decreases. The way your body metabolizes cholesterol is also directly affected, and many other bodily process deficiencies are now being linked to Omega 3 (and Vitamin D) deficiency.
    • It takes about seven years to replace every cell in your body, and your entire body is just a collection of cells. However, damage occurs in each renovation due to chemicals and sunburn damage.
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    Understand the argument against supplementing with Omega 3~6~9. These arguments seem to pertain mostly to Omega 3, and revolve around vitamin A and D toxicity from ingesting too much; but this is pretty rare. Supplementing with Omega 3~6~9 combo should largely ameliorate these concerns, as the effects are quite marked, up to the recommended dosage.


  • Probably the best way to supplement anything dietary is to get a good "whole food" vitamin. While they exist in pill form, the best are powdered compounds of multiple plants~just concentrated food nutrients. While they aren't cheap, they will save you buying 20 different supplements (or more) -- the best ones contain over 70 ingredients, and, standing in line to buy your second $40 container, people (in a health food store) are going to be asking you what you are taking.
  • This container lasts one to two weeks, and the taste of the highest quality ones is reminiscent of...dead cat, and low tide? Yup; just ignore the directions, immediately cut the dosage in half (to 1 scoop, twice a day), mix with 1 oz. of water, and shoot it.
  • Depending upon your overall health beginning this regimen, use at least twice a day or more for the first container, then a minimum of once a day is recommended. At this point, your body should be telling you how much it wants -- try running out, after using it for a week, and you'll begin to understand why, for many, this container is the first, most important grocery shopping they do all week~there is no substitute, and virtually every other thing you put in your mouth will become secondary

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