How to Suggest a New Category on wikiHow

On any wiki, categories are made up of lists of related pages. Categories help to keep wikiHow organized, making it easier for readers to find an article. If you have an idea for a category, then you need to know the protocol for suggesting one.


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    Know what subject your category will contain articles on. These subjects can include food, family life and personal life issues.
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    Make sure there are enough articles on wikiHow for a category on that subject. Understand that there needs to be a minimum of five (5) articles to suggest a category. If there are not enough articles and you really want that category to be created, try writing some more articles on that subject, or asking others if they'd be interested!
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    Know if your suggested category will be a sub-category to another category. The top level, primary, categories include about twenty such as: Travel, Relationships, Philosophy and Religion and Family Life. If your category would be a sub-category, it needs to be properly categorized to its primary category.
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    Start a new thread in the New Category Suggestions forum. Be sure to include the following information:
    • The links to at least 5 articles there are on that same subject
    • The category your new proposed subcategory should be listed under.
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    Wait for others to reply to your suggestion and give feedback. Members of the Category Team will accept the suggestion -- if it meets requirements -- that such a category is necessary and appropriate.
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    Check back every few days into your discussion, and in some cases once a week, to see if/when the category has been created. There may be additional information that might be needed, to create the category.


  • A complete list of all categories that already exist on wikiHow appear on this page.

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