How to Submit a Press Release Online

When written and submitted correctly, a search engine optimized press release (aka SEO press release) can not only position your products and services in front of new audiences, but also help to improve the position of your website in the search engine rankings. In this article, I'll show you how to get more mileage from our press releases in just a few simple steps:


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    Compose your press release in your favorite word processor using standard press release writing guidelines. Some of the key factors in the writing of an SEO press release are:
    • Use one of your target keywords in the press release title
    • Use one or more of your keyword phrases in the press release summary
    • Include at least 3 keyword phrases in the body of the press release
    • Insert at least one URL in the body of your press release – be sure to include the http:// prefix.
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    Prepare an image to accompany your press release. This might be a product photo, a screenshot of your website, a logo, or a headshot of a company representative. If necessary, resize the image so that is 600px wide or less and saved as a .jpg, .gif, or .png
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    Utilize low cost or free press release submission sites that are also SEO friendly to publish your press release.
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    Whenever possible, convert your keyword phrases into anchor text, which will greatly increase the search engine optimization value of your online press release.


  • When evaluating press release submission sites, look for sites that offer live link, particularly anchor text links
  • To generate more visibility to your online press releases, bookmark them with your favorite social bookmarking services or create a "news" or press section on your site. Then publish the title and summary of your press release, and link to the full published release


  • All reputable press release sites use human editors to review each press release before it is published to ensure that is not spam or a blatant advertisement. Submitting spam to press or blatant advertisements in order to gain links will likely result in a rejection.
  • 'Over-optimizing' can detract from your message. Always write your press release to engage the reader, then weave

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